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Blog: pushkarsbisht.blogspot.com
Email: pushkarsinghbisht1985@gmail.com

Pushkar Bisht was born on the 26th of June,1985, in the town of Pithoragarh, the Queen of the Mountains. He now lives in New Delhi India, with his parents. Pushkar studies Philosophy, English Literature & Science in college.

Pushkar believes in forming deep and meaning ...

Pushkar Bisht Poems

A Prayer To God

Oh Lord!
You are our father!
We are your sons!
Please help us!

A Beautiful Flower Rose

Rose is a beautiful flower,
Having a lot of fragrance
Growing among the deadly thorns,
It has never lost its beauty.

I Want To See A World From The Window

I want to see a world from the window,
A happy world,
A quiet world,
A beautiful world,

A Prayer For My Sister

May you live long!
And have a lot of happiness

May tears not come in your eyes!

What The World Requires

The history knows,
What have we contributed
To this world?
We have invited the war

Pushkar Bisht Quotes

23 February 2015

'Whenever we are surrounded by negative people or negative vibration, our whole energy gets divided. It's better to be quiet and calm at that moment and concentrate on all your energy that comes from within. Keep your energy within yourself and feel the joy of it every moment.'

23 February 2015

'Silence is the best key to energy. It takes you where you want to go. Silence means, 'when your mind is quiet empty from all thoughts'.

23 February 2015

'All the creativity, arts, imagination, observation & knowledge is a part of deep silence in mind, where no thought or logic works but your energy that makes you do even the impossible task in an easy way''.

23 February 2015

''Live in the tune of your soul, this is the best way to live your life''.

23 February 2015

''Store nothing because you have to depart from this world one day. Live each moment in enlightenment & awareness''.

Pushkar Bisht Comments

Rakela Triste 28 January 2009

i read a lot of yours poems. Like very much ar simple including all acepts of life.Same time while reading these poems i thought why i coudnt write same....

5 2 Reply
Catrina Heart 23 April 2009

A fine poet whose creativity goes with reality about life and relationships...Most of his poems were structured in a free verse form that are comprehensible to all kinds of readers.....

4 2 Reply
aparna 02 May 2020

nice sir i like this one

0 0 Reply
Scott Hastie 12 October 2014

Dear Pushkar, I always enjoy hearing from you and and reading your soulfully and thoughtfully deep thoughts on life - very pleasing... I too, like you, have studied Rumi, Osho etc. who have both nourished and inspired me too... Gibran & Rilke are also important to me also. Do keep in touch and I always appreciate hearing your views on my work. With Best Wishes Scott p.s. I seem to have a problem with your current e mail address, when trying to reply to you...

2 0 Reply
Saurabh Jakhar 16 June 2013

I am impressed with the effort's put up by Poet bisht. His poem Here lies a poet dead is one of the best art work's by an artist. God bless you and i know you have a very long run in the poetry universe. Keep up the good work. Jakhar(one of your reader's)

2 1 Reply
Ganga Guha 14 November 2011

hi pushkar, ganga here, (used to be ur neighbour.... ur poems are beautiful

4 2 Reply

you are a good poet and lover of the lord.. two fantastic traits! God bless.

4 2 Reply