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I want to see a world from the window,
A happy world,
A quiet world,
A beautiful world,

Oh Lord!
You are our father!
We are your sons!
Please help us!

Rose is a beautiful flower,
Having a lot of fragrance
Growing among the deadly thorns,
It has never lost its beauty.

May you live long!
And have a lot of happiness

May tears not come in your eyes!

The history knows,
What have we contributed
To this world?
We have invited the war

May your life be bright & wonderful like the sun!
May you shine in the dark like the moon!
May all your pride vanish with your kindness!
May you be silent like the ocean!

In hour of darkness,
I remember you
And the darkness of my life quickly flutters away

A blessing from the Lord,
Coming in plenty without any cost,
No matter how much you lost,
You will get from his blessing a lot,

on your face

Don’t be sad my friend,
Miles away I am from you,
But I am still close to you,
Give me all your valuable pearls of tear,

Time has wings
It flies so quickly
No one can see that

This world is a stage,
Where we play our roles best,
Everyone gets a different character
To lead this beautiful and hard life.

If you don’t respect your mother,
Your whole knowledge
Will turn into soil,
And you only become a man

If you cry my sister,
I am always there to wipe out
Your tickling tears
For swallowing them in me

The true happiness
lies in the lap
of nature,
Where everyone feels

Oh Lord…

Thanks for your time for me,
Thanks for your help for me,

I don’t need a world of diamonds or pearls,
I don’t need a world of gold or silver,
I don’t need a world of fame or wealth,
I don’t need a world of power or pride,

Going through
a tough time,
is driving me
very restless.

The mouse has gone away from this world,
But he will come soon in some other form
To live his life,
I'll not be able to see the little one,

It seems that I am more blessed this Christmas,
A friend who is rich in thoughts & heart…
Has gladdened me in spirit and feelings….
I have no words to thank her….

Pushkar Bisht Biography

Blog: pushkarsbisht.blogspot.com Email: pushkarsinghbisht1985@gmail.com Pushkar Bisht was born on the 26th of June,1985, in the town of Pithoragarh, the Queen of the Mountains. He now lives in New Delhi India, with his parents. Pushkar studies Philosophy, English Literature & Science in college. Pushkar believes in forming deep and meaningful friendships across all age groups, and cherishes children and the elderly. He enjoys reading biographies of great men and women, because they inspire him and demonstrate how to face challenges of life with courage and determination. He regularly reads poetry and his writings allow him to share his inner thoughts and feelings with others. Nature is one of Pushkar's most influential teachers. Through his observations of the natural world, Pushkar has learned to treasure every moment and to find happiness in even the smallest things in life. He is an extremely simple man who believes silence is the pathway leading to God. Pushkar embraces the small joys that come to him because they show him how to truly rejoice in the big joys that come unexpectedly. Pushkar Bisht’s poetry is drawn from his observations of the world around him. He takes inspiration from the simple, and often routine, events of everyday life, and from the relationships he forms with family, friends and casual acquaintances. He is touched by the plight of people who are less fortunate than he, and this is clearly reflected in his work. Bisht often breaks the rules of poetry. However this is done intentionally, in order to appeal to readers from all walks of life. As with most poets, Pushkar’s personal beliefs and values mould his thought patterns, and he creates a variety of visual images with his carefully chosen words and phrases. Some readers may find some of Pushkar’s work unpolished and unconventional; however, even sophisticated poetry readers will warm to the sincerity and compassion his words convey. This is Bisht’s first collected work; however he hopes to release others soon.)

The Best Poem Of Pushkar Bisht

I Want To See A World From The Window

I want to see a world from the window,
A happy world,
A quiet world,
A beautiful world,

I want to see a world from the window,
A true world,
A holy world,
A bloodless world,

I want to see a world from the window,
A world full of shining colours everywhere,
A world fully dedicated to love,
A world knows only the way of humanity,

I want to see a world from the window,
A world which starts its day with a smile,
A world which ends its days with a thanks to the Almighty,
A world which sleeps at night in a tuneful song,

Pushkar Bisht Comments

Rakela Triste 28 January 2009

i read a lot of yours poems. Like very much ar simple including all acepts of life.Same time while reading these poems i thought why i coudnt write same....

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Catrina Heart 23 April 2009

A fine poet whose creativity goes with reality about life and relationships...Most of his poems were structured in a free verse form that are comprehensible to all kinds of readers.....

4 2 Reply
aparna 02 May 2020

nice sir i like this one

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Scott Hastie 12 October 2014

Dear Pushkar, I always enjoy hearing from you and and reading your soulfully and thoughtfully deep thoughts on life - very pleasing... I too, like you, have studied Rumi, Osho etc. who have both nourished and inspired me too... Gibran & Rilke are also important to me also. Do keep in touch and I always appreciate hearing your views on my work. With Best Wishes Scott p.s. I seem to have a problem with your current e mail address, when trying to reply to you...

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Saurabh Jakhar 16 June 2013

I am impressed with the effort's put up by Poet bisht. His poem Here lies a poet dead is one of the best art work's by an artist. God bless you and i know you have a very long run in the poetry universe. Keep up the good work. Jakhar(one of your reader's)

2 1 Reply
Ganga Guha 14 November 2011

hi pushkar, ganga here, (used to be ur neighbour.... ur poems are beautiful

4 2 Reply

you are a good poet and lover of the lord.. two fantastic traits! God bless.

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Pushkar Bisht Quotes

'Whenever we are surrounded by negative people or negative vibration, our whole energy gets divided. It's better to be quiet and calm at that moment and concentrate on all your energy that comes from within. Keep your energy within yourself and feel the joy of it every moment.'

'Silence is the best key to energy. It takes you where you want to go. Silence means, 'when your mind is quiet empty from all thoughts'.

'All the creativity, arts, imagination, observation & knowledge is a part of deep silence in mind, where no thought or logic works but your energy that makes you do even the impossible task in an easy way''.

''Live in the tune of your soul, this is the best way to live your life''.

''Store nothing because you have to depart from this world one day. Live each moment in enlightenment & awareness''.

''People's thoughts are their own experience they go through or they take it from others. People don't know how to receive beautiful thoughts from soul because their materialistic things have become their life''.

''A luxurious life is no life at all on this world, A life with kind thoughts is a life which brings you all the wisdom through which you can look at the beauty of this life'.

'If your thoughts are ugly then you will never be able to see the beauty of life'

'Kindness never goes unrewarded, it pays you in the long run'

'A Genius breaks all the rules, makes his own rules. When he dies, The world gives him a salute'

'The whole world is my class-room. God is the teacher and all the genius people of the world are my class-mates'

'I won't ever regret if I die without being recognized by the world. I have learnt only one thing in my whole life is to love and respect all. I have enjoyed my life & literary works a lot and I always thought like a Genius not as a poet or intellectual and this makes me feel special. I am lucky enough to realize my capability and work on it with full inspiration and perspiration. This is a secondary thing for a legened if the world recognizes him or not. My knowledge has educated me to see the beauty in all the things. I have never lived in a physical shape but in form of soul to see the world in a broad way'

'As Beethoven composed his lyrics with his spirit, it became superb. As john Miltion wrote his works, it became masterpiece, As August Rodin sculpted stones, it became living figures, As william shakespeare wrote his poetry, it became marvelous, as Leonardo da vinci made paintings, it became the greatest art. As Goethe wrote philosophy, it became universal so do something in an unique way that will dazzle the whole world like them'

"I studied all the philosophies of the world as Indian, American, Scottish, Russian, Italian, German, Irish, Chinese & French etc. I found that all the philosophies of the world have same subject of love, peace & prosperity in the world'

'When mind conflicts with heart, there is a clash. Both can't win together, one has to win at last. I am in favour of heart'

'Our mind should not be dull because when it's dull, all our actions & thoughts become less effective'

'All good things happen when our mind is peaceful, all bad things happen when our mind is disturbed'

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Pushkar Bisht Popularity

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