Pushkar Bisht

Rookie - 20 Points (26.06.1985 / Pithoragarh (Uttaranchal))

Pushkar Bisht Poems

1. My Big Brother (Manav Bhaiya) 7/23/2007
2. All The Poets 7/13/2008
3. Mother Teresa 11/28/2008
4. If The Words Understand Your Pain 1/26/2009
5. After The Rain Stops 4/9/2009
6. In Mother’s Lap 6/30/2009
7. Here Lies A Poet Dead 3/31/2013
8. If You Ever Become Angry With Me, Sister 3/31/2013
9. Let Me Depart Away From You 3/31/2013
10. Life Is Always Empty Without A Sister 3/31/2013
11. Love Is Higher Than Sex 3/31/2013
12. May The World Be Blessed! 3/31/2013
13. My Childhood School 3/31/2013
14. No Respect For The Little Thing 3/31/2013
15. O Beautiful Ray! 3/31/2013
16. Oh Flowers 3/31/2013
17. Before I Become A Good Poet 3/31/2013
18. Candles 3/31/2013
19. How Much More Do We Need? 3/31/2013
20. I Put A Baby To Sleep 3/31/2013
21. You Can Create 3/31/2013
22. Young Maid-Servant 3/31/2013
23. When You Stand At My Grave 3/31/2013
24. I Want To Mingle With The Soul 6/2/2013
25. I Wiped Her Tears 3/31/2013
26. Pearls Of Wisdom 12/3/2013
27. O Grace, O Grace… 11/29/2015
28. If You Are True In Feelings And Kindness You Possess, 11/29/2015
29. On Your Returning 11/29/2015
30. A New Freedom 11/29/2015
31. Hard Work 11/29/2015
32. Scholars And Genius 11/29/2015
33. Truth 11/29/2015
34. Alfred Nobel 11/29/2015
35. Brain 11/29/2015
36. You Don’t Need To Follow Me, I Am Nothing 12/23/2013
37. I Went To The Ocean 3/31/2013
38. Mother's Blessings & Love 6/22/2013
39. Every Day’s Prayer 3/31/2013
40. Flowers Have Feelings 3/31/2013
Best Poem of Pushkar Bisht

I Want To See A World From The Window

I want to see a world from the window,
A happy world,
A quiet world,
A beautiful world,

I want to see a world from the window,
A true world,
A holy world,
A bloodless world,

I want to see a world from the window,
A world full of shining colours everywhere,
A world fully dedicated to love,
A world knows only the way of humanity,

I want to see a world from the window,
A world which starts its day with a smile,
A world which ends its days with a thanks to the Almighty,
A world which sleeps at night in a tuneful song,

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Mother’s Love

My mom is a very good.
She never does any harm to anybody.
She never taught me to fight with anybody.
Now, she is running thirty-eight.

She remains very quiet and sad,
Because her brother is no more.
She would love her brother more than herself.
She is down with her problem of headache.

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