What Truly Matters Poem by Holly Jamestone

What Truly Matters

The toilet seat may remain up or down
It doesn't matter either way
The dishwasher may be full or empty
And the dishes may nap in the sink for awhile

There will be picnics, lots and lots of picnics
And if my daughter wants to skip school every now and then
We'll take the light rail to downtown Denver and go shopping
We'll eat chocolate candy apples with M&M sprinkles at 16th Street Mall

My friend will not be in Heaven because we will have interceded
And his substance abuse will be our illness and group effort for survival
It will not be the elephant in the room that died alone immersed in pale grey
And he will not be playing the harp with the angels before his time

What Truly Matters is that which will be at the forefront of every breath
Intangibles will always gladly outweigh the tangibles and show them the door
Smile of a child on Christmas morning, the wink of a compassionate stranger
A kite in the wind, a warm family meal, Love, Friendship, Courage, Hope

The best things in life are always the simplest, lined with poignant lessons
And love and family and friendship will thankfully forever outweigh
An expensive car, huge house or corporate ladder and always remind us of
What Truly Matters
And let there be ice cream; lots and lots of ice cream

©2014 All Rights Reserved

Holly Jamestone

Holly Jamestone

Denver, CO U.S.A.
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