What We Are To This Love Poem by Shelly Price

What We Are To This Love

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You be the wind within my hurricane,
I'll be the center of your raging storm.
You be the hills that make up my valley,
and I'll be the sun that keeps you warm.

You be the steady rock for me to lean on,
when my body seems heavy and has to rest.
I'll give you a shoulder you can cry on,
when life tries to put you to the test.

You be the lighthouse that guides me,
when my path has grown dark and is dim.
I'll be the rope tied to your anchor,
keeping you steady from the shifting wind.

You be the water for me when I am thirsty,
I'll be the air in which you need to breathe.
You be the gold at the end of my rainbow,
and love will show you what it can achieve.

You be the fertilizer that makes me strong,
I'll be the solid ground beneath your feet.
Together let's dine on what life has to offer,
choosing only the best from life's menu to eat.

You be the teacher of life's many lessons,
I'll be the student ever eager to learn more.
You be the flame of my never ending passion,
and I'll be the woman you can trust and adore.

Howard Johnson 08 November 2006

Discriptive similes and equivocal use of imagery, nice work, Shelly

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