When Love Become Affliction Poem by Shelly Price

When Love Become Affliction

Rating: 4.5

When love becomes affliction,
there's not much one can do.
Despite the way you don't love me,
I'm still deeply in love with you.

I am the wave and you the rock,
against which I must break...
again and again the crushing jolt,
of pain I continue to make.

Once again the long retreat,
to safety far from shore...
and then again, I don't know why,
the long trip back for more.

Perhaps it's for the nostalgia,
or to reap that which we sew.
Maybe it's just pure hope, I hope,
that won't let me let you go.

Perhaps it is the need to try,
for those who might depend,
on who we are and what we do,
for whom this should not end.

What need do I have within me,
a certain defect in my heart?
To sense there is no greater whole,
for which you are a part.

What lonley choice that only I,
be served by love in vain?
What fear of giving up this love,
makes me sure I must remain?

I've searched for all the answers,
I've dug deep within my soul.
The certantity of my love for you,
is all I know for sure, I know.

Copyright (c) 2007 Shelly Price
All Rights Reserved

Kelly Allen Vinal 26 January 2007

Impeccable beauty in verse - a wonderful poem, Shelly!

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Alison Smith 26 January 2007

What is our drive to continue after the obvious and give ourselves more pain... Lovely poem and much heartfelt sentiment... Alison

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Anirbit Mukherjee 26 January 2007

Just amazing! ! ! , ..this poetry speaks from the heart and materializes into words what every romantic person feels.

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