What We Had Poem by katie

What We Had

Rating: 2.8

i know i said i'd take it back if i could
but i dont think i really would
with you i never knew where i stood

you once said that you had fallen for me
but looking back now its so hard to belive
that you liked me the way you said you had
well i guess you were being a typical lad

you messed with my heart
you know that aint ever smart
should have just told me how you felt
because with the cards that we were dealt
it could have been so much fun
but whats done is done
and it may not have been conventional
and the start definetly wasn't intentional
but dont tell her that it was all me
'cause it takes two baby

i know you love her
and we're never gonnna get back to the way things were

maybe it would have been easy to do
if you had never said

i love you

Amber Thompson 17 February 2009

This poem sounds familiar to what happened between my husband and a girl who had a boyfriend back home while they were in Iraq. They didn't think I would find out I guess but I had a feeling something was going on and then I found the IM's from yahoo between them. I hope you didn't sleep with a married man that had kids cause that would just be messed up. And I hope you didn't have to hide under his bed so his roommate wouldn't find you. But anyways my husband and the girl he cheated on me with are lucky that I don't turn them in cause they could be dishonorably discharged from the military and lose everything it's a good thing I believe in Karma and not revenge.

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Mikee Corp 13 April 2008

Feeling hopeless is hard.

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