What Would I Have Done Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

What Would I Have Done

Rating: 3.7

What would I had done, My friend
If you were not alive?

How would my life be like, my friend
if you were not on my side?

How would I had lived, my friend
If you had denied me your help?

You responded to me,
When everybody became deaf to my pleas,

You inspired me,
When the world scolded me,

You cared for me,
When everybody rejected me,

You laughed and smiled with me,
When everybody was shy,

you gave me a helping hand,
When poverty swallowed my life,

You accepted me as your friend,
when I became an enemy to the world,

You showed me the way,
when I got lost in the dark,

oh dear friend!
I will never forget you,

And our friendship, like the sun,
will always continue to shine.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
David Harris 31 August 2014

An appreciation of friendship that expresses deserved gratitude. Another good write Akebah. It's a shame more people didn't think this way, too much today is taken for granted.

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Professor Plum 31 July 2014

Terrific poem Abekah! Great job!

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Hazel Durham 30 July 2014

I love this honest and beautiful write about friendship, with such moving lines that lay bare what it means to be a true friend! Thank you for sharing!

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Abekah Emmanuel

Abekah Emmanuel

Ghana, Eastern Region,
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