When Gps Attacks Poem by Jim Yerman

When Gps Attacks

How we love our Global Positioning System for getting us to a place…and back
but what are we to do…when our GPS attacks?

First of all let me come clean…I admit with my GPS…sometimes I like to play
I'll miss a turn on purpose…just to see what she will say.

After all it is my Global Positioning System…I am the consumer
Only I didn't know my GPS didn't have sense of humor.

The first indication I had that of humor she was bereft
was when in the middle of a bridge one day she advised me to ‘Turn Left'

But that was a few years ago…many times since then…together we have driven
However on our latest trip to the mountains I found I have yet to be forgiven.

I programmed in our route…and things seemed to be going smooth…until…
before we knew it instead of heading north we were heading east to Jacksonville.

I imagine before this happened she probably thought I persecuted her
When….for a fraction of a second…as a joke…I may have muted her.

The next thing I knew we had crossed the state in the completely wrong direction
So I apologized, reprogrammed her and waited for her correction.

And she did correct, at least I think she did…we seemed headed the right way
but some of the roads seemed desolate…one was even made of clay….

I finally had to turn her off…but speaking as the consumer…
I now believe my GPS has a mischievous sense of humor

Because it took us 12 hours to finally arrive at our hotel
on this madcap trip she'd been choreographing
and even though she was turned off…
I swear I could heard her laughing.

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
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