When I Walk In Silence Poem by Jim Yerman

When I Walk In Silence

Once a day I like to walk in silence…not only to concentrate on what I see…but to listen in to what the voices of the Earth are trying to say to me.

There are voices in the trees, in the clouds, in the mountains and the creeks…and if I listen closely in the silence…I can hear those voices speak.

And the more and more I listen to the voices of the sky, the sea, the land…the more of what they're saying I begin to understand.

I can hear if one animal is happy or another one's in pain.
By listening to the wind and the clouds…I begin to understand the rain.

Across the sky and hiding in the trees…are many different languages..a myriad of words…after listening in silence to them…I begin to understand the birds.

The rooster who announce it's time for the sun to rise…the owl and the nightingale who tuck their families in by singing a lullaby.

I'm not sure how it works but a simple walk in silence as the day's about to start…seems to give the voices of the Earth time to reach into my heart.

Which makes me wonder if this wouldn't work with people…family and friends we meet along the way…What if we listened more in silence to what they had to say?

What if silent listening to the words of others…once from their lips their words depart makes it easier for their words to find a way into our hearts?

For I believe it's only when words have been planted in our hearts that they have a chance to grow…why do I believe this…because on a silent walk one morning…
a little birdie told me so.

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