When Love Comes Knocking Poem by shel cope

When Love Comes Knocking

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When Love Comes Knocking
relax and take your time.
don't be afraid
to change your life

Make a step
towards your Happy Future
surrounded by love

Show the world
the giant you’ve been hiding

(Overwhelmed by daily spam tsunamis this is a collage of some of the spam headers)

Anna Russell 16 February 2008

This is such an original idea. The last thing I'd ever thought spam could be turned into was art - I guess you've just proved me wrong! Hugs Anna xxx

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Original Unknown Girl 14 February 2008

How innovative! I'm envious I never thought of it first - clever you! HG: -) xx

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Tan Morgan 12 February 2008

Wow! I really like the effect: D

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Amazing how much better they sound in a poem.

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Chuck Audette 27 October 2009

Good use of your resources. And no misspellings, either! I have one called the Spam Poem.. Which, ironically enough, it appears that PH has deleted! I'll repost it. -chuck

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Sreelekha Premjit 01 April 2008

when love comes knocking is so beautifully said. all i can say is i will be waiting, and yes will find the courage to accept with arms wide open. tnx.

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Tsira Goge 21 March 2008

shel, Your philosophy is very courageous... Can be and it is useful too... Thank you... Sincerely, Tsira

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I don't regret heeding your advice before I read it. Well, not too much, anyway. An inviting piece. t x

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Nermin Nazim 10 March 2008

so simple and so inviting and i love it. i am in this situation now and i am trying to be so, your words give me more courage. Ah l'amour, le vrais amour 10

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