*when Love Haunts You And Me Poem by Jane Meyer

*when Love Haunts You And Me

Rating: 2.7

<font color=darkviolet>My heartbeat flares
at any mention of that name.
And after that first glance,
I knew I’d never be the same.

I sigh when I remember
that day, the sweetest day.
O heart can't see how
love is not that far away.

That beautiful face
every night haunts my dreams,
always there, but never tangible
I don’t know what it means.

A dream that's locked in my chest,
is now so close to me.
I whisper to my beloved star,
O God, this's gonna be.

I wait for that moment,
and when I think it’s right
I summon all my courage,
throw my love into the light.

The only thing I care about
is to admit it right now.
Love is fine, you're mine,
trust your heart & don't ask (how) .

I look into those eyes,
hoping for a positive reaction,
searching for an answer.
Do they show the same attraction?

I wonder why I stare,
but I still can't see.
Do I possibly feel dizzy? !
Or do your eyes glow with glee? !

I let my gaze fall to the floor,
blushing from the answer I’ve discerned.
But do I dare confirm
what it is I think I’ve learned?

Talking for nothing, smiling for everything,
I'm about to fall in coma.
Can't you hint an answer
for that fantastic dilemma? !

A dilemma that I know
has a very simple fix.
For all I need to confirm suspicion
is just one little kiss.

This time I can't ignore
your lips when they call.
So I can taste the purity of life
& I wish people could have this, all.

Those lips so warm
beneath my own
and with the fireworks in my head
all doubt is over thrown.

You've painted all my moments
with your joyful colors.
Now I can confirm
you're so different from the others.

You’re the one
the one that I need,
who grew this compelling love
from affection’s first seed.

I thought love was just like a butterfly:
The faster you chase it,
the sooner you lose it.
Wow, it's now pampering my chest.

I don’t know where this will go
but I know I’m going with you.
I’m ready to start this adventure
and I’m going to see it through.

I let my heart lead me to
the finest fortune in my life.
My hand in yours sleeping like a dove,
With you, I have no strife.

You have just put together
the glamorous rose in this dozen.
Roses are jealous of your fragrance,
without you, they are just eleven.

And from that moment
of us first being together,
I knew our love would be indefinite,
that you and me are forever.

(Co-written with my friend, HaZeM PaKKaR.)


Great poem! Its amazing how you rymed the entire thing. I was reading and thought, huh this poem sure flows good. Good work :) *~Layla Stone~*

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