When We All Die Poem by Randy McClave

When We All Die

When we all die
Our souls will then be raised to God in the sky,
Then there God will give us our final judging
Through our acts and deeds and beliefs he'll go drudging.
God will judge us individually and with no one other
Not with our spouse, or our children, or our siblings or our father or mother,
He will look at us all individually and then he will judge
From every little told lie, and sin and grudge.
God won't ask us about the two men down the street that got married
Or about the protesters that we hated and the signs that they carried,
Nor will he ask us about the immigrants that we constantly did see
Or how people screamed and shouted for a person taking a knee.
God won't ask us about the girl who had an abortion
Or about the local politician's extortion,
Nor will he ask us why we didn't take a vaccine or wear a mask
That one question most certainly God will not ask.
God will not ask us about the atheist living down the block
Because on their door with his word we never did once knock,
Nor will he ask us about the person that was selling and using drugs
And he will not ever ask us about any terrorists or thugs.
God won't ask us about the woman being more comfortable as a man
Asking us is not part of God's holy plan,
Nor will he ask us about that suspicious immigrant down the street
And he will not ever ask us about the pastors that we did meet.
God will ask us though did we love the people that he told us to
Those very people that he had called us to do,
And then when God rolls out our own spiritual blueprint
Then will we shamefully realized, that we didn't.
Remember this, you and only you God will personally judge
He will see and will know every speck, spot and smudge,
And we will be judged each individually for our every sin and lie;
When we die,

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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