When We Met Poem by Kara Aleid was Thomas

When We Met

Rating: 2.2

</>When we were younger
we would gaze at each other
I always wounder what you were thinking,
I always Wounded why your brown eyes would
be gaze on me.

When i was younger i didn't know a thing!
When you first said you liked me my heart felt
angels above singing!
When you said you loved me i thought i
was dreaming.

The first time we talk a million angle's stop my heart
since we were apart my Heart ache and brunt
Now i know why.

Ive never had someone to care for me
And Ive never told anyone how i feel when am with you
My feelings and thoughts were different, i thought
i would lose this blessed thing but i took a risk and
here we are.

Its nearly been a year and for sure i
can tell you all that my heart has been loyal
He's My World and Boy does it rock!
He's My Light and gosh He Can shine.

I never wanna say good bye Not Now Not Ever! .

Khalid Loves Cara More 16 December 2011

hehe I care about you more than anyone and everything =) x, Baby you know what ' Good Bye'' doesn't even exist in my and your and our dictionary ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Kamel kamel 25 October 2011

sincere thinking nice poem friend you're invited to comment my writings ;)

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Simbarashe Moyo 24 October 2011

now thats a bomb. talk of being talented. you are a great writer pliz keep up the good work. WOWwwwww

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