Life As We Know... Poem by Kara Aleid was Thomas

Life As We Know...

Rating: 2.0

When I begin to write
My world because right
So here I am a
Writer with inspiration and passion
With words so fine.

My world... My music
All meaning something to me,
My family, my love,
Oh! So much is meant for me.

My tiredness, my pain
Something that makes me feels shame
It leaves me wordless
And hopeless with nothing
Else to possibly say.

My meaningful life says
More than I can write
As I say good bye I leave
With their lies and of
course my fake smile.

Khalid Loves Cara More 16 December 2011

You don't have to fake smile no more baby, am making you smile as much as I can and I hope your cheeks can stand it ;) xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Simbarashe Moyo 24 October 2011

i loved this one. one of my favourites. this is wonderful. i feel inspired

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Very nice poem, it expresses nicely about how you fell about life and its pains and wonders with depth, well done!

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 13 June 2011

Nice poem. Great sentiments. The poem is rich in imagery and style. Great write indeed. I give it 10/10. Kindly read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2.

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