White Britons Puerile Obsession With Classism And Specifically Monarchical Brownnosing! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

White Britons Puerile Obsession With Classism And Specifically Monarchical Brownnosing!

By Stanley Collymore

To all those very sycophantic,
monarchical brownnosers
clearly bemoaning and
publicly too, vitriolically castigating
the UK's distinctively Middle Ages
mind-set system quite regrettably
still clearly embedded in the 21st
Century doing so basically in this
case for effectively not awarding
to Louise a title, quite of her own
coming in the wake of her father
having been distinctly, made the
Duke of Edinburgh. Well frankly
let me say this bluntly, and also
unapologetically. As regardless,
of how much you may agree or
readily disagree, with what has
happened reality had to kick in
here; not essentially a fawning,
puerile monarchical fanaticism.

Basically and most effectively in all
of this Louise Windsor needs to
quite essentially, first pursue
her university education; and literally
when having legitimately, effectively
qualified in this respect and clearly
not basically handed a degree just
because of who she simply is and
this literally, emphatically coupled
with her own known, and societal
position to embark afterwards on
getting a job, and very essentially
a proper one. In essence then let
Louise literally and appropriately
apply her acquired qualifications
to doing something simply more
worthwhile than what the actual
coterie very essentially basically
of her distinctly extended family
are ongoingly doing; perpetually
as it happens, characteristically
cutting ribbons for a living. And
that to me is quite undoubtedly
an undeniably, rather distinctly,
mind-boggling, totally pathetic,
and crazy attitudinal approach
to seriously set out to earning
one's living in an undoubtedly,
modern,21st Century society;
even basically so when one's
actions are accepted publicly.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
11 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
The intense, avidly and even endemically quite asininely subscribed to, as well as passionately believed in notion, that those ostensibly regarded as belonging to a hierarchal and thus a superiorly privileged and likewise societally entitled elite in distinctly classism entrenched Britain, are rightfully there because of which perceived male gloriously assumed in their minds to be adorned as such by divine right has off-loaded his sperm in some equally entitled female's vagina resultantly getting her pregnant and consequently quite instinctively have bestowed on their conceived offspring, regardless of the number they produce or their evidently conspicuous stupidity, the automatic birth right not only to be unquestionably deemed infinitely better than the rest of us but likewise also the distinctive and unchallenged right to rule unelected over the rest of us, courtesy of an outmoded and Middle Ages mind-set attitude; a system similarly totally devoid of democracy, any kind of meritocracy and is itself quite blatantly indifferent to equality both in terms of one's natural ethnicity, as long as it is obviously different from their own, and as well all accepted restrictions on the concept of equality of opportunity.

Under the UK's first past the post political system, in what passes for its democracy, we've had PMs like Tony Blair elected by huge majorities and for more than one term. Should their children therefore because of who they are, similarly as well be automatically in their case be given the keys to Number 10 Downing Street and therefore by birth right become our perspective Prime Ministers? And if you say no, what's the essential difference between this notion regarding them, and effectively whose parents were democratically elected, and a monarchical birth right candidate whose parents weren't being given as of right the keys to the British realm?

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