Whites Who Hate Their Own Kind And Racially Perceive Them As Traitors! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Whites Who Hate Their Own Kind And Racially Perceive Them As Traitors!

By Stanley Collymore

Significant numbers of white
Caucasians unquestionably
throughout Europe, literally
specifically the United Kingdom and
Ireland, similarly their kin within the
distinctly genocidally acquired and
now essentially simply exclusively
white controlled, and evidently for
themselves literally automatically
and beneficially run by them and
crucially also, basically hardcore
really convict-infested countries,
undeniably like delusional Terra
nullius Australia; essentially too
New Zealand naturally Canada
and distinctly the United States
of America, collectively as well
as singularly effectively loathe,
despise, and also hate people
that ostensibly don't belong to
the precise, racial ethnicity as
themselves and also crucially
just don't, physically look like
them. Nothing really new any
of this stuff as ever since the
so-called white man, and his
woman, literally emerged on
Planet Earth as undoubtedly
and clearly, undeniably also,
quite the last element of the
species we aptly categorize
as Homo sapiens: this stuff
has really, stupidly gone on.

A state of affairs brought on and
also literally very pathetically
and angrily, similarly too,
petulantly sustained by this enduring
resentment, that they, actually these
white Caucasians, distinctly, with all
these rather glorious airs and super
graces about themselves, are none
the less and most undeniably, so in
distinct reality basically distinctively
and likewise quite unchangeably in
simply logical, and biological terms
very obviously the distinctive junior
branch plainly, of the human family.
And rather than simply intelligently
and consensually utilize this basic
reality and the vibrancy that really
ought to have sensibly come with
it to literally, positively and clearly
effectively discernibly beneficially
and naturally also, constructively
societally chart out a redemptive
course for the indisputable good
of mankind what literally instead
have these quite arrogant, white
cretins in considerable numbers
embarked on, and done apace?

You've guessed it! Preposterously
and very jubilantly also created
this odious notion, then quite
effectively most egregiously and as well
malevolently; clearly, brazenly viciously
and rather hatefully not only deceitfully
proselytised, but similarly, barbarously
also clearly irresponsibly dangerously
and demonstrably, very irreconcilably
implemented the crazy asinine diktat
that quite unquestionably, you're not
merely specimens, of our humanoid
lot Homo sapiens but undeniably as
well very evidently, its Master Race!
And anyone that dares to challenge
that concept: including fellow, white
Caucasians themselves will literally
be in for it, a prey of spite and rage.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
14 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Self-evidently to anyone with a functioning brain in their head and who properly and sensibly knows how to intelligently use it, a fellow white Caucasian like Gary Lineker or any other conscionable or equally thoroughly commendable and indubitably a veritably praiseworthy person, would similarly be the targets of these discernibly and most egregiously malevolent lowlife scum, rather ridiculously but nevertheless in their delusional psyche seriously and erroneously passing themselves off as the epitome of humanity; something they evidently aren't and most assuredly will never be.

Significantly from a personal perspective I'm most delighted I will never be a member of the Master Race, drafted in or voluntarily so on my part; nor likewise, for that matter, ever be a House Nigger!

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