Day Dreamer Poem by John Mccudden

Day Dreamer

Rating: 5.0

i am on a journey to where i dont know
as i start this journey dont know were to go
to start the journey i take one step
dont look back try to forget

take the bus or the train
help now its started to rain
walk the road to never forget
dont look back have no regrets

its the past that holds us back
should have left it before i packed
picture in my pocket ring on my hart
all these things holding me back

look out the window see a new life
walk the walk skate on thin ice
keep moveing on dont stop
still at the window no nearer my stop

this is a journey going nowhere
to many memories to carry there
keep on the road dont look back
all these memories in my backpack

stop at the crossroads where will i go
back to the past or god only knows
this is a journey taken from my chair
happy with my lot i am going nowhere

Lungelo S Mbuyazi 20 November 2017

Beautiful poem. I hope that you don't come back to reality to give more of such well thought poems.

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Maria Keith 13 January 2009

I like the poem it is very good reminds me of my own life some times i feel traped hope you can take the time to check out my poems and let me know what you think im alittle amiture its sad to say but i would like to hear your oppion thanks

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Fiona Davidson 13 January 2009

Beafitul journey it is too...lovely poem...thanks for posting...

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