Devil Banker Poem by John Mccudden

Devil Banker

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take the money you have years to pay
take the money its the easy way
take 5yrs dont matter when you pay
take the money i will collect from you all one day

devil is waiting at the bank gates
wants your soul for the credit you take
money on the cheap for your soul
thats the price for the mortgage your sold
then take my house leave me out in the cold

the devil is the banker he hides behind the suite
lives in his office our soul he will recruit
promises of money on the cheap
but he will take interest he wants his pound of meat

LOVEFOOL Aka 28 January 2009

Much truth in this piece Money is the root of all evil Good write

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Amber Roser 04 October 2009

Another great one John. As always an eminently relevant topic, executed with eloquence and intuitive insight! thanks,10+

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Amy Douglass (Fifita) 22 February 2009

Very true. I like this poem a lot. You were right it is easy for me to relate to this poem.10+++

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Anita Wisniewska 22 February 2009

yes, good, take a loodk @ You Tube, CRedit Crunch Song and (my) Dow JOnes Blues

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Christine Kerr 15 February 2009

Money is the root of all evil and you couldn't of said it any better Thankyou John

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Kelly Kel 11 February 2009

I love this, it really sums up some of our countrys problems. I would rather be in the cold then sell my soul :)

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