Who Me Poem by John Mccudden

Who Me

Rating: 5.0

the one in the corner who no one sees
the one who always says please
the one who never gets asked
the one in the corner a smile for a mask

whats it's name the one others blame
never speaking out loud
never told you make us proud

but this is not all about you
it just the things people do
never asked how are you
dont get upset its what people do
so i put this in words for you

so if you see me in the crowd
remember i will not shout out loud
i dont want to stand out in the crowd

i am the one who see's it all
the long the short and the tall
i dont say much but i see it all
the one in the corner who seems so small

A.M.WOOD meme 17 January 2009

Hi John i have read all of ur poems but this one is my favourite very emotive. keep up the excellent wrighting xx

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Carolyn Brunelle 15 January 2009

a perfect picture of an introvert in my book. I can totally relate.................we take everything in but don't necessarily feel a need to be seen or be center stage. Nicely put John!

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Kaitlyns Mummy 13 January 2009

i really like this poem. very interesting and thought provoking!

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Nikia Chesney 12 January 2009

This is a really great piece. I can relate to this poem, and that's a sure way to get people to like your work, is to write about something they can relate to.

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Amanda Cook 12 January 2009

This is well written. I like it a lot!

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