Katherine Kay Graven

Freshman - 786 Points (June 16,1963 / Kentucky)

Who Are We - Poem by Katherine Kay Graven

Who are we…

When we are babies
We trust without any doubt
Loving parents who will sacrifice
And do what is best for us
Making sure we don’t go without

Who are we

When we are children
We let our parents mold
our thoughts and our feelings
Which determines how we see ourselves
And how we fit into the world around us

Who are we

When we reach our early teenage years
We think we know what we want
by showing our independence
But everyday mistakes are made
Proving we are still in need of parental guidance

Who are we

When we reach our late teens
And now we think we know it all
We rush into adult hood
Never caring about the consequences
Never knowing that the choices you make today
Determines your life’s destiny

Who are we

In our early adult years
Allowing past mistakes to determine our fate
We are on our way of finding out who we are
Or we are on our way of never finding out
For the paths that we have taken before now
Only construed the journey of the end
without us even knowing it

Who are we

Years pass and we are in our late twenties
And we loose our selves
in the process of trying to make others happy
Until one morning we wake up and see that
We were lost in the mist of everyone else’s needs
and we ask our self
What happen to me and who am I

Who are we

We are in our thirties
the years seem to fly by
So we do not slow down
We just pick up the pace
For we are still trying to figure out
what we want in life
Until we figure out
that we have no idea to what that answer is
For we were busy making
Other’s dreams come true

Who are we

Forties roll around
then we stand confused
For our children are grown and out on their own
Husbands and wives have nothing to talk about or gain in life
So they search for youth and excitement from other sources
And thinking what the hell
happened to me

Who are we

In the fifties and sixties
life is still somewhat busy
And grandchildren show us
the mistakes we made with our own children
Then there is death lingering oh so close
as illness rains over the people we love
and we watch death take them
One by one

Who are we

If we live long enough we look back on life
With more regrets than not
And we know that we could never make up for
the missed opportunities of what we should have done
In the years of putting it off until tomorrow…

Coming to find out that tomorrow had never come…

reliving that unanswered question
Forever branded in our forgetful minds



Written by:
Katherine Kay Graven
September twenty forth
two thousand eight

Topic(s) of this poem: age, life, people

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