My Only Love Poem by Katherine Graven

My Only Love

Rating: 4.8

Dedicated to my husband

I feel the softness, a touch of your hand
You can see sunshine, within my eyes of hazel green
Endless sand of time, would you search from sea to sea
Will you dance this life dance, this life dance with me

Cherishing, everything I give myself freely
Is this your choice, did God make love endlessly
Even in your nightly, dreams are they of me
Tossing and turning, I'm in your arms safely

Feeling Autumn breeze, as I touch softened dark hair
Like air surrounding dove's wings, in powder blue air
Never will I be a lone, with you here by my side
Never to be lonely, never left to cry

Taking in our love, as eternity flies by
Will you take my hand, asking me to be your bride
Bringing me great joy, with no sadness among gray
Loving me faithfully, every day

Just a tender touch, of your lips upon mine
Filling my emotion, full of your drunken wine
Taking full advantage, of weakness in my heart
Are you going to wrap me in love, for eternity beyond.

We are one now like God said, it would turn to be
Our love will last as long, as the seas upon God's heavenly
This is when one plus one, equals one you see
Two souls dance as one, under beautiful diamond galaxies

Now you know how to take my breath completely away
The sun is shining with the warmth, of your love every day
Hearts are dancing, as souls are making love passionately
We look toward tomorrow, with stars in our yearning eyes to see

As our journey begins, never ends, it blooms
Each day is another beginning, I cherish it with you
The nights are filled with endless, purity and love
Nothing can come between us,
My only love

Our life is fulfilled with blessing, throughout morning and night
Even though the hardships are thrown at us
We will survive no matter, no matter what will come
Because of our undying precious, precious love

Hug, kisses, passion, beyond any dreams
Our home is one where love is sown, beautiful sunbeams
Children running to and fro, our legacy grows
Through our love, was born our son,
Beautiful beyond any means

Now the sickness takes hold, kisses are far away
there is not a cure, death is inside of me
My love, I hate to leave you, you know I have to go
For my strength is not with me
my body complains.

When my eyes grow dim, weakness takes hold
Our love did last like God said, it would be so
Our love will last as long, as the seas upon heavenly
One lonely soul dances, among Heaven's galaxies

You watched, closing eyes, for last time
Your eyes could not help, but to weep for me
True love, please wait there for me,
So we can dance among Heaven's galaxies

Written by
Katherine Kay Graven
March seventh
two thousand sixteen

Monday, March 7, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: soul,true love
I wrote the words and it goes along with Loreena McKennitt - La Serenissima music.. I hope you enjoy my poem, I have been sick for six years now... and I have an incurable illness... My husband has stood beside me the whole time. If something does not change with my illness I only have a few years left... Thank you for reading.. <3
Jazib Kamalvi 10 December 2017

A refined poetic imagination, Katherine K. G. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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Edward Kofi Louis 07 March 2016

True love is the key! ! Nice dedication. Thanks for sharing.

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