Who Made Hell? Poem by S.D. TIWARI

Who Made Hell?

Who made hell
God has made the earth an other heaven
Beautiful land, mountain, rivers and ocean
Wonderful creatures, plants, birds, animals,
Day and night, air; to subsist lot of materials.

He created human, to protect this heaven,
Then why human is perturbing his creation?
Why he is making weapon, gun and canon?
Why creating hatred and killing the human?

To show power, forces others to succumb,
To fill own desire make few of them numb,
For own pleaser causes others to suffer,
For own richness he grabs wealth of others?

To answer the profound question, can you tell
It was a heaven, who made the earth hell?

(c) S.D. Tiwari
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Vipins Puthooran 01 October 2011

It's a great poem, , , poignant write... Once God created earth as heaven in the acme of ecstacy... When we erode the forbidden fruits of world, we are banished from the elsyian garden of world and making our lances to duell with others... And thus we makes a paradise into a nadir.. Excellent and a great poem.. Magnificient write... Tops marks for this philanthropist....

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Abdallah Gamal 11 August 2011

Excellent poem with vivid imagery, , and amazing rhyme, , really good poem :)

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Kolawole Ajao 11 August 2011

A nice and good poem.

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Sd Tiwari 09 August 2011

Thanks for taking interest in this poetry. Answer is in the poetry itself. Pl carry on reading my poems and giving your valuable comments. Thanks,

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Saurabh Tiwari 09 August 2011

good one....poetry end's with question and answer remain in dark.

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