~~~why Divide....? ? ? ? ~~~ Poem by Kolitha Lelwala

~~~why Divide....? ? ? ? ~~~

Rating: 5.0

Moon illuminates
World with silver rays
Make no division
Thatched roof or concrete roof tops
Rich or poor; strong or weak.

T ender breeze
Refreshes the earth
No divisions
Thatched huts or concrete palace
Sandy desert or rain forest
Soothing living being
No divisions!

Harmony of the wild
With trumpets of tuskers
Cuckoos; bells of deers
To the rhythm of
Gibbering monkeys & croaking frogs
Has no restrictions
Rich or poor
Strong or weak

Nature has no restriction; No divisions
Yet, human being’s towards divisions
Continue to divide, endless divisions
Colours, ethnicity, north or South
Developed- 3rd world
Even divide “God”
My god is not my rivals’
What a pity?

Trees produce oxygen
For all living being
We never breathe our own “oxygen”
Little realize I breathe what you exhale
Why we divide …
Why we hide …
The reality of life
Leaving the pride.

Vinod Kumar 09 February 2009

There was a time of the age of Upanishat, there were no religion and ugly divisions Only Guru and desiples, conveying knowledge from the face of Guru. Now we need differend God Different Heaver and Hell. and Make More Devil Stone Idle for the crowd`s convenience to pelting stone. Thank you for the great sacred message.10+++

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Chitra - 02 February 2009

powerful write...an apt title...thought provoking

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C. P. Sharma 02 February 2009

In Nature there is abundance. Man privatises and monopolises and creates inequalities. A good write for natural justice. CP

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Menaka Liyanage 01 February 2009

A wonderful creation! ! Thinking power leads to this negative aspect- ‘division’ and it is the main cause for suffering. Realistic thoughts were gathered nicely in a rhythmic way. Well done!

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Nimal Dunuhinga 29 January 2009

This realistic poem should go beyond the skies and echoes to the deaf listeners.

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