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stays still

(A baby was admitted to ER with status epilepticus. Poor pediatrician refused to give Diazepam to him, baby passed away on mom’s hands)

Oh! please don’t cry mom…
Don’t cry….

She was screaming…
Rushed into my hands…
Help me………
My baby’s on the way..

(My story: - I am a little boy of 7, I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome... Lol..... too much for my age....my father greeds on next door uncle's garden.. they were friends... but now..... like fire and cotton... so are my mother and next door aunt.... but their son and me are the best friends in our class....)

Beautiful tulips

Moon illuminates
World with silver rays
Make no division
Thatched roof or concrete roof tops

She rose into our world
Before the mighty sun peeped into the world
Nick – Knack sounds in the kitchen
Made us up and fold the linen.

Mind is empty
It never touches the vision
Nor the smell
Not the taste

I love you
No words
My lips shivering
I love you

This is what should be done
By one who is skilled in goodness,
And who knows the path of peace:
Let them be able and upright,

Stay in awareness
Lead your mind to be aware
See all events as it is
Never grab them and store them in mind

It’s so heavy
Hard to stand up
With this greed, anger, hatred.

Superconcious mind: -
Resting your head on her lap
with a bright face in ectasy
I saw in your eyes

as a tree in grassland
stays still in purity….

(Thoughts of an elderly teacher who developed love towards one of his pupils - she never knew it)

My sweet rose…

You have theft my smile
given your pathetic tears
leaving me in this desert
where have you gone?

Mine….belongs to me…
Words are used
To pacify the mind.


Loneliness comes in waves..
aching the ventricles...
making dysrhythmia...
there you hear my heart mourns.


Drop into drops
adding mountain dew
falls down into the green
playing an opera.

Why would I have lotus
from the lake?
If I can embrace your fragrance,
I would rather

Kolitha Lelwala Biography

I was born in Galle, to a middle class family.My father was a clerk in Government Agent's Office. My mother was a primary teacher. I am the 3rd of a family with one sister and two brothers. My mother was my first teacher of my life as well as the first teacher in my school. She was a devoted teacher; some times we were compelled to 'hate' her as she devoted her school vacation for poor kids but not for us. We walked to St.Aloysius College from home (about 3km) from the very first day of school. And four of us fought each other to grab the mother's hand some times made her angry. My mother was the first admirer of my poetry which were written in Sinhala, my mother-tongue. She kissed me and embraced me for my first poem, when I was in grade two (7 years old) . I can still remember that poem was about a sweet little bird we called it 'Battichcha'(Smaller than a sparrow, but sings lusciously) . Then my second poem was regarding a king who donated his own head for a poor person, for him to be rich as his own brother was demanding to be the king. I recollect as I saw a drama regarding the tragedy which stuck me and gave a pain and sorrow. I was doing well in poetry for the school competitions but in Sinhala. When I went into university entrance class the poetry went off from me as we had hell of a lot of rat-race to enter into the Medical College. Fortunately I met Pushpa (My wife) and as we started loving each other the poetic feelings stood up with a rush of lovable feelings. I still believe LOVE can make any fool a poet. We had a painful beginning that we couldn't see each other for months because of youth unrest in 1988-89, so both of us put our pain of desolation and love towards each other into words. Entrance into the medical college again cut off my trance in poetry. Tough life with heavy books, hard English with lots of Latin, memorizing pages, paragraphs, chapters and books made me almost deaf and dumb and pathetic mechanical person. I tried to do music in order to come onto the surface from that muddy lake. Passed out as a Doctor in 1996 with a great enthusiasm to work and serve poor people in SriLanka, purposely applied a rural town for the internship where I tried to smell the genuine hearts of SriLankan farmers and their farm life. Having determined to be a doctor only to serve people, decided to join SriLanka Army where I met my precious 'second life', I spontaneously went into writing more and more. I am very feeble in English language yet, I try my best to study.... This story is yet to be finished........ This story yet to be completed........)

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**in.... Out.... & Me**

stays still
lost concentration
becomes still
my love
my home
here I am
mind springs
come on man! !
here it comes still
light... light....very light

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