Final Count Down Poem by Kolitha Lelwala

Final Count Down

Rating: 5.0

It’s so heavy
Hard to stand up
With this greed, anger, hatred.
It’s so stinking…
It’s very hard to breathe…
In this fetid air…
Smells of revulsion,
Aroma of lust.
Thirst of contentment …

The world is infected with detestation
Hunger of power
'Everlasting' power…
Endless desire for power
Spend millions for war
Whilst millions die devoid of foods.

Only one truth in this life…
It’s so heavy and

It’s so painful too…..
Of being born in poor or even being rich
Getting old with crinkle skin
Falling ill with wearing off body….
Everybody is counting “second to second”
preparing for final count down….
It’s the reality…
No one is eternal
Nothing is permanent!

Kolitha Lelwala

Sandra Fowler 01 January 2009

You felt this one very deeply. The world is in chaos. But one can still have inner peace. Each day is a gift and well worth living. I think of what Tagore said, 'The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough'. Take care. Warm wishes for a hopeful 2009, Sandra

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Sadiqullah Khan 01 January 2009

the closer we get to the end the faster the countdown, , , well written 10

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Ranjith Wijekoon 23 December 2008

Kolitha, In one word - Fantastic Theruwan Sarana

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Mimi Fakhira 22 December 2008

I felt like the final countdown has already started when I read this. A pure talent with a philosophy. Great work!

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