Bri Mar

'' Why Do They Need To Fiddle '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Life's a struggle that's a fact,
But that can't be said for all,
Life's billionaires don't give a damn,
Their lifestyles will never stall.

They get tax relief for donations,
That's a fact they try to hide
How much wealth does a person need?
We're being taken for a ride.

They manipulate their tax returns,
While we're on pay as you earn,
They abuse every loophole as our money burns,
Finding more is what they must learn.

So why do these rich celebrities,
Tell us to give more money,
While they make billions every year,
It really isn't funny.

Politicians on the take,
Their expenses are truly ill gotten,
It proves that everyone's a fake,
To the core they are all bloody rotten.

Yet they all dictate what we should give,
Just what gives them that right?
They'll be hypocrites as long as they live,
They don't know the meaning of contrite.

Who are they to lecture us?
As they live their lives of leisure,
A million pounds from each of them,
Would give the starving untold pleasure.

While we must pay our taxes due,
It really is a riddle,
If these bastards are worth so much,

‘' Why do they need to fiddle ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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