Ray Mesa

Rookie (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Wie Um Eine Leiche Zu Verstecken - Poem by Ray Mesa

The roads are closed
I’m stuck in my car
And in this silence my thoughts arose
My life has been so crippled, so mar
I have been dieing to hide things
I have been just craving to cut these strings
Here I am as perfect as I ever will be
I’ll let you use me, to a tolerable degree

Burning Reynolds
I’m hiding all my skeletons, in closets with locks
Burning Reynolds
If I ever find the key, I’ll just tighten the lock
Burning Reynolds
So here I am, on the road again
Burning Reynolds
I know damn sure, I’ll never see light again

The road is narrow
The weather is worse
The mean man is taking me into a scary hole
I take the hand of the dry nurse
And we walked into the mist
“My name is frank, I’ll be terse”
“We both have to die, you need to go first”
The road is turning black
I can’t turn back
I’ve lost track
I don’t know where I am
Oh god damn
Oh God

I woke up in a ditch
The world around me is kitsch
The clouds are dark
They all are glaring at me like I am yelling nasty remarks
Has this become who I am?
Am I that wide of the mark?
Life is a classroom and I am failing each exam
Everybody hates me and I don’t gave a damn

I’m alone again, Just me and the body
Just me and my own Bawd
I wish I could tell somebody
They would be so happy and so awed

I laid her near the bed
Told her that there was some stuff slipping down her head
Its colored red
It smells bad
Then it came to me like a flashing light
I killed someone tonight

I grew scared and took her into my car
Took her somewhere, so very far
What should I do?
What could I do?
I giggled a bit
I drove into another ditch

I woke up in a field of sunflowers
Each one is looking at me and glowering
I looked behind and see someone I didn’t know
Some girl who looked dead
She was beautiful but her skin was white like snow
And her face was all red

I walked away, away from the car
I left all my problems behind me
Off I go, so very far
And with each step I take I feel more free
I didn’t know life would be so hard
It’s getting impossible to believe
That nothing is what it seems
Everyone is a nightmare, while I am just a dream
I feel a sin, I feel a spike
Caught in a sling, I’ll die tonight

The Body is found
The crossroads are passed
I hear no sound
But a sudden gasp
How could I do this, to someone I once loved?
When she dies will she rot below or fly above?

They kicked me out of school
Because I talked about her too much
If they saw me now they would think I was so cool
All the guys would envy, all the girls would Lust
Let me die, Let me rust
I may die, Just yet
Receiving burns from a cigarette
I just might fail today
But at least soon my problems will go away

I unlocked my closet
And let all my skeletons free
The laughed at me and re-locked it
Now I am stuck in the place where all my monsters exist
I am stuck in the same room
The same dammed doom
That I forced upon my demons
Am I the only one that reads the lyrics?
Or the only one that feels it?
I feel sober
I feel older
Maybe this whole time I have been dead
Maybe this whole time I was just day dreaming in my head
Maybe she is still alive
Maybe Today I won’t hide
Maybe, just maybe this all has been a dream

I pick up the phone, dial a number
A young girls voice comes threw this time
Her voice sounds so happy, but so slumber
“Hey Sarah How are you? I’m fine”
“Sorry baby, I didn’t know I was supposed to pick you up”
“Well sorry, I just woke up”
“I’ll come around 5; yes I’ll be on time”
“I love you”

I’m stuck in a dream
Where everything is the way It used to be
I’ll pick her up and bring her to a movie
She’ll begin to kiss me like she never knew me
She’ll make me mad and my arm will twitch
I’ll drive really fast right into a ditch
And I’ll wake up and not know where I am
I scream out loud, Oh damn, God damn

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