Wind (Emily Translated To Senryu) Poem by rich soos

Wind (Emily Translated To Senryu)


feels mighty at morn
showing all the brand new dawn
each and every day

feels pompous at noon
dancing with bodiless tunes
moving clouds and dust

feels lonesome at night
people close doors and windows
and shut out the light

First appearance: (2016)

This is a translation of the poem How Lonesome The Wind Must Feel Nights - by Emily Dickinson
Friday, November 18, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: aging,feelings,human condition,old age ,wind,youth
Wes Vogler 21 November 2016

I have just discovered you. Surely this is a haiku rather than a senryu series (nature) Are you a proponent of 'no levity' in haiku to respect the Japanese attitude? I had to cancel quite a few when I discovered this basic rule. I think senryu is okay. nicely done, by the way.

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R Soos 21 November 2016

Ahh - after writing my reply I visited your site & your poem & your 'levity' question makes more sense. I am wholeheartedly a proponent of levity in haiku & have a disdain for the nazis who make up rules on the spot and say otherwise =: -) I'd love to read your levity haiku, and I will now retire to my palacy.

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R Soos 21 November 2016

My basic belief is no labels. I fought for over 30 years with haiku nazis, now I'm old enough to ignore them. I kinda like the term Senryu, which I've seen translated as human haiku. Of course, with my rebellious nature, I define human differently than the sticklers =: -) I'm from the whitman school of poetics, and tend to see everything up for experimentation and enjoyment of the words rather than an argument over form =: -) Thanks for stopping by & commenting! - Rich

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rich soos

rich soos

Passaic, NJ USA
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