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a persistent and expected guest
seldom speaking aloud within
the soul I once considered rowdy
and devised of the songs of birds

never thinks to stop
it measures our hearts our dreams
and laughs at the wind


seeds planted in deep
morning light will rise slowly
roots breathe in soil

yells at my drunkenness
beating in rhythm
at my ankles
attempting to bury


I am free and scream free
I am free and laugh free
I am free and jump free


there is no need for sacrament
or prayer before you visit
walk toward me with cold arms
and take me away while I sleep


these poems keep warm
the soul running random in


feels mighty at morn
showing all the brand new dawn


hell is a choice we avoid
is sure fire words still burning

composing haiku
for discipline and structure
frees the words to sing

are crying that I
need nature and seasons too
they live by the rules

there are times the title says
more than the poem about
the reality of simply living
a log is easily turned to ash


won't stand still for you
often it stands on its head
waiting for your tune

not a useful word
no one can define its truth
know it full that's all

there's a song
in my heart that
wants to get out
a small bit of music

peeks deep into the heavens
hoping to glimpse God


years of studying the patterns of the moon
did not prepare me for the stone flower
you would become as you lay breathing
alongside me in our well made bed

the grave

wins all the prizes
always certain of success

of this new season
garlands your lovely soft neck
with a sweet silence

time to stop dreaming
and walk out the door again
to see the night stars

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r soos is a teacher, poet and musician, and has been published in over 200 print magazines. He has 20 books of poetry, including Somersaults With Life (2016) , Parting/Departing (2015) , Bringing In The Sheets (2012) . His books may be purchased at on-line bookstores, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. His poetry appears online in Peacock Journal, Tuck, Leaves of Ink, Micropoetry, Random Poem Tree, Cuento, In Between Hangovers, and others. His video poems may be viewed on youtube. He blogs at Many of the poems appearing Poem Hunter are from his best-selling book Selected Poems (2015) . The exceptions are the poem Ground - a recent poem published first on Poem Hunter, and the senryu translations of Emily Dickinson, all published first on Poem Hunter.)

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a persistent and expected guest
seldom speaking aloud within
the soul I once considered rowdy
and devised of the songs of birds

in concert with my guitar strums he sings
the tremulous feathered melody within
I walk heedful of the fluttering
of the tearful translucid wings

from Parting/Departing (2015)

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prayer acts as referee between the heart and mind

I grow flaming lungs to blow the ocean back

I laugh because I'm in command

reality is a drunken feeling

the piano knows the words that dwell deep in the soul of all who desire mercy for their commanded lives

behind simple foolishness is a tongue calloused by imagination

graves will fill deep and set by time, with everyone living in a hurry to escape the inevitable sleep

I make plans to review my weaknesses and repair my faults, then eat and drink and watch the list burn in the candle lit for that purpose

the clock never thinks to stop it measures our hearts our dreams and laughs at the wind

there is no need for speaking with more than our eyes

words defeat the mind which wants to think without them wandering around

I keep my world small

failure determined my old pain magnificent

I would go places poems live before they find their way to paper

I give you space for dancing with the butterfly

I have spent my years walking through the quiet air seeking the poem

I write this all down - I know that someone somewhere needs to remember

your eyes have blossomed from patient rains and petals

dance long through the rain as it remains alive

O sweet children of life, run through madness freely

my poetry is used to living alone

we talk different syllables

you stand savagely delicate

my guitar danced for hours

a dream does not become a dream until it is over

the ballet slippers summon your feet with elaborate powers

I translate the music

I become my own passion, a lunatic dream of myself

I am reminded each day is a war

I shout at the thunderbolt with unmerciful voice

reverent contemplation sweeps away the dust

there are times the title says more than the poem

I am truly the imagination of my self

he grows thin as his wife watches him die

trees grow wild from your eyes

winds blow angry from your throat

I'll never weary of surprise

when truth is finished transforming our perceptions we create the fiction

comfort new poems - they spend much time wondering if anyone cares

there is music hidden in corners to be found by a child exploring shadows

when I tell you that I love you it's good to see songs burst from your eyes

Your dances trample flowers and lay mountains into crushed stone.

In truth these poems will never reach beyond a few good friends drunken and theatrical.

a poem is a small part of yourself left everywhere open and dispensing chunks of your soul

when you see inside the beauty of the whole world shines forth from the depths

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