Winter Chills Poem by Ellen Ni Bheachain

Winter Chills

Winter hills of white with silverfish gleam,
Of Winter season and colours that reflect,
The shades of blues and purples,
From the sun's reflection on natures Winter,

Bleak and empty yet in a solitude way,
Resting or sleeping,
Hibernating and regenerated,
Till Spring arrives,
Bringing back its flourishing blooms,

What is pretty to watch is cold to endure,
The chills of Winter on outside trails,
Compared to melancholy and quiet watching from indoors,
When on nature's trial of Winter walks,
Chill and freeze,
And numb you till,
Your lips turn colour,
From the freeze of Winter chills,

Yet, as you walk and roam in Natures ways,
Your nose and face tingles,
From the Winter chills,
Yet, peaceful, and calm,
As you look around on natures trails,
There will be reminders of the hidden buds and roots,
Laying buried beneath the snows covered plains,

And then,
The sounds of nature,
Becoming more musical,
Than the quiet sounds of Winter
From all that return from migration,
As the birds return to nest,
Will wake us up,
From the quiet Winter chills,
To the sounds of Spring,

Reminding you,
That too in the Spring,
The birds will return,
Bringing colour and birth back to the Earth,
When Winter chills and freezes thaw,
With it taking away the quiet and peaceful sounds,
Of Winter chills,
By bringing in the Springtime breeze,

So, as you walk or roam through the plains,
Alone in your thoughts,
As you reflect in time,
Remember what you are feeling inside,
May just be too,
Like the chills of Winter,
To the Springtime breeze,

When we can be all alone,
And be by ourselves,
For just a time,
Is human nature to feel just like the seasons change,
A change in ourselves on feelings and moods,
So "get with nature",
And get back to you.

Winter Chills
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: nature walks
Sometimes you just want to be alone.Alone with your thoughts and the hectic sounds of the city.Sometimes you want to be alone feeling melancholy or just feeling a bit down."Winter Chills" came from that.
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