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All that shines,
Spreads rays of light in direction of others,
Just like the Sun's Rays,
Just like the Star's Rays,

Woman's mind is a curious to some,
We ponder and think,
To do things our way,
But in today's society it's still the same,

After all the chills and winter blues,
The staying warm and staying in,
Meetings indoors for outside is cold,
Then comes the spring sunshine,

Listening to the Summer chimes,
Of Summer sounds of Summertime,
Bringing all that nature is,
That shows and sounds like,

A Pink rose is for the one,
Where love has blossomed and bloomed,
Where passion and purity,
With love and peace,

The first signs of spring bring smiles and joy to us all,

Its the beginning of nature and the birth of the new season,

Live your life happy and free,
Believe in yourself,
And follow your dreams,
Like a Planetary nebula you remained in your shell,

Winter hills of white with silverfish gleam,
Of Winter season and colours that reflect,
The shades of blues and purples,
From the sun's reflection on natures Winter,

For all that is written,
For all whom must wander,
In search of places, peopes and family,
Is what can make wander,

Remains of what was left to be seen,
Yet, noting written, reported to be known or seen,
To be seen that is righteous Law, Order & Justice,
All in all, an act and told that way,

Left to be alone for a time,
Is like a broken wing on angels that cry,
They sing a song for all our woes,
For all of those that are left alone,

Whatever the way the Summer days end,
In the type of Summer is how it has been,
Whether a good one or bad one,
The last days of Summer,

Summertime with all that shines,
The sun, its warmth and long bright nights,
People gather to meet and be,
Together in families and friendships of gatherings,


Autumn shows the leaves in falling letting us know,
This year is near a closing,
All we have done and all we have not done,
Reflects upon our minds,

Please do not keep remembering me,
Just the way it was,
For time goes by and so do we,
Each in our own different ways,

Places that take the wandering soul,
Maybe be far off distances,
Or close range in places,
To recollect what recalls in memories,

As Autumn leaves and Winter begins,
So does the colour of autumn to chilled winter,
For the golden browns and amber in shades,
Turn to grey clouds and ice chills,

He moves in places unknown to many,
Searching for 'Soul Keepers',
There are many,
Keeping the souls of people's lives,

Searching souls for lives that lack,
Places and peoples that just don't match,
For a time and place,
Are memories kept,

Last week I said I would improve myself,
By Friday I had forgotten I even told myself,
Saturday, I wondered where I would like to go,
And spent the best part of the day thinking about doing so,

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Love That Shines

All that shines,
Spreads rays of light in direction of others,
Just like the Sun's Rays,
Just like the Star's Rays,
Both illuminate light to see,
To see more clearly,
Or, to shed some light on,

And in the eyes of love,
They shine so bright,
No matter what color the eyes are,
Or the type of people they are,
When love shines it shows,

When love that shines,
Is love allowed to be?
For love has no color,
No culture or nation,
When love shines through,

It shows in their eyes,
That love is within them both,
In their eyes they both know,
They are in love,
Shining bright that illuminates them both,
So, others in passing,
See two people in love shining bright,

It simply beams out of each of them,
And shows the light bright in their eyes,
Like Sun with Rays,
Like Stars with Rays,
It reflects in them,
As they beam and glow,

For Love that Shines,
Shows itself,
And illuminates happiness,
That shines so bright,
It creates smiles and laughter,
Song and dance,
Happy memories,
Lasting memories,

When love that shines,
Is love allowed to be?
For love has no color,
No culture or nation,
When love shines through,

For love is chemistry,
That initial spark or twinkle
That when two meets and gets to know,
Getting to know each other and letting love shines through,
That begins the building,
Of that never-ending feeling,
Of just loving each other,
True and unconditional,

It is allowing love to conquer over,
The strife's and woes of life,
Allowing love to shine on,
And standing by each other,
Makes life a better place for all to be,
Love is for everyone,
If we just let it be,

When the love that shines,
Is love allowed to be?
For love has no color,
No culture or nation,
When love shines through.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 27 May 2020

Ellen Ni Bheachain is a highly talented and well reputed poetess from Ireland, who writes beautiful poems of high poetic skill. I have read and reviewed her poems. I am astonished finding tenderness and high essence of life and love in her poems. She observes everything keenly and nature motivates her greatly. Like her name she is definitely a bright shining light in the world literary sky. Her high perseverance has great value in society and among readers. Her each poem is a gem!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 27 May 2020

I am wishing all the best to poetess Ellen for her literary perseverance! May God bring happiness for her! BEST WISHES FROM: Poet Kumarmani Mahakul, Ranked #309 on date 23 May 2020, Saturday, Ranked # 320 on date 24 May 2020, Sunday, #334 on date 25 May 2020, Monday, and ranked #325 on date 26 May 2020, Tuesday, #335 on date 27 May 2020, Wednesday, on top 500 poets of the world (As per the World Poetry Database Information)

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