Wish List Poem by Raghavan Warrier

Wish List

Rating: 5.0

If I die today and become a ghost tomorrow,
Will I be an idle ghost full of sorrow?
No I will be a very busy one,
And will spare none.

First will be the neighbor
He is constant menace.
I will roast him
In the oil of his choice.

Next will be the guy
Who ogle my wife with a greedy eye.
I will squeeze his balls so hard
He will touch the sky and fall back like a toad.

My friend who borrowed money
And never returned a penny
I will pull his pants down in the mall
So world will laugh at his Johnny that is small.

My old teacher who used to box my ears
Until I can’t hold back my tears
I will tickle him with a feather
Until he begs for a breather.

My boss who is a professor of abuse
Who squeeze me until I am of no use.
I will make him carry a rock up and down the hill
Until he falls down like a useless quill.

Hey new Gurus of time management! Listen
Here is something you can add to your lesson
If you plan your time well and set your priorities
Even ghosthood isn’t that empty as it is for the majority.

Jibin Joseph 16 January 2007

hi mr raghavan i really loved ur wishlist now even i have to plan out for my ghosthood intersting piece of work wishes jibin

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Asma Bahrainwala 22 November 2006

haha... a lovely poem... ur wish list is quite interesting....n naughty ideas i must say! ! ! ...never thought that even ghosthood would require such a careful planning! ! ! cute poem... Asma...

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