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I live in Texas, im 18 in college. Moved around alot been to hawaii, california, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland dad was in the Navy. I write about anything well i try to. Mostly about love trying to forget it.

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Saane Pahulu 14 October 2009

wow you've travelled alot... someday i'm going to travel the world...(i can dream) your really talented... love is a constant battle that we go through in life i've written some poetry about it and the breakup as well as random stuff like about darkness. keep writing your poetry and i'll read them knowing they're going to be beautiful and maybe it'll relate to me.. :) :) :) have fun with the beginning of your life.. i know that i'm still struggling with that :) :)

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The Best Poem Of Nathan Barkley

A Beautiful Scar

This night so cold
Can't help myself to come in
I didn't know how good it feels to sin
This lips that are so soft and gentle
Persuades me to keep going
deeper and deeper
My head is blank
at the same time it thinks
Feeling the heat that comes from within you, i'm about to sink
Breathless, hot, excited, and a little scared
We both show whats inside
Our hearts begin to intertwine
Our hearts beat at the same time
Playing a song that makes us want to play this game
I'm being overwhelmed by your touch
Your hands try to grab my back, my neck
What a rush
Instinct takes over
Over and over
Not wanting to stop
Sweat dripping, head spinning
Kisses are everywhere
I taste it
It races up my spine
I'm burning, yearning for more
So curious, for what's in store
Your gasps heal me, it completes this heart
Like a furious water fall it can't stop
Then gradually everything falls and stop's
Like millions of falling stars
Falling, falling, falling
in both our hearts
Leaving a beautiful scar

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Nathan Barkley Popularity

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