With Ease (Aids) Poem by Rhyme sonny

With Ease (Aids)

If you don’t share
Then you don’t care
True love these days are rare
And living without love and care
Is also hard to bear
So be fast as the hare
Watch out what you wear and beware
Because if you dare
You won’t be spared

AIDS is very much alive
Get revived
Dive into the pool of life
Strive hard to survive
Don’t stab yourself with your own knife
Work like the bees in the hive
Stop AIDS, love LIFE

Guys be careful
Girls be faithful
We all should be truthful
It doesn’t pay to be sinful
To be successful
One must be forceful and resourceful
For anything to be fruitful
It must be purposeful

A word to the wise is enough
Words in the heart come out through the mouth
Life is tough
But you don’t have to be rough
Because a big disease can start with just a cough
It is good to give a little of the lot you have got
But it’s best to give a lot of the little you have got
Because one mistake
And your life is at stake
The national cake has already been baked
So let us not fake on how to break
Else we can never take

Please I know with ease
We could all help make the disease cease.


you certainly live up to your name rhyme sonny very nice how you put this together so well, i love it keep writting and take care :)

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