With You Poem by James Elston

With You

Rating: 2.5

With you I am strong
Happy as can be
Every morning I wake up
I'm glad your next to me

With you I am everything
No one can measure up to me
Well, maybe one person
That's you, my sexy honey bee.

With you I am lively
My true self I can be
That's why I didn't wait too long
To ask you to marry me

With you I may argue
And most times I am wrong
I realize that I love you
So it never lasts too long

With you I feel like Superman
And your my Lois Lane
Because I love you so much
Not even kryptonite can bring me pain

I feel complete
Like I have nothing left to prove
And I will always feel that way
As long as I'm with you

Jasbir Chatterjee 11 August 2015

that's what love is all about; feeling complete, Like I have nothing to prove. Thanks for sharing this poem...

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jennifer hall 27 February 2007

lovely poem james it is soo sweet

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Ashish R 08 October 2006

Lovely poem James.I liked it. Ashish.

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James Elston

James Elston

Providence, Rhode Island
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