Tribute To Courage Poem by James Elston

Tribute To Courage

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Courage is doing what is right
Without having to be told
Courage is manning up
When you know you've done something wrong
Courage is looking the enemy in the eye
And telling them to just bring it
Courage is having fear
But still staying strong
Courage is facing adversity
But being able to overcome it
Courage is leaving your family behind
To defend the country you love
Courage is being a soldier
In the greatest army in the world
Thank you for this courage
That lets us live free
May God bless you
And come home safely to your families

Terrance Woolridge 04 October 2007

good poem

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Tanya D 22 April 2008

Absolutely wonderful!

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jennifer hall 27 February 2007

Courage is everything.....nicely written...good poem

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Dustin Ross 03 March 2008

This was wonderful, this is just what i need, i am planing on joining the army even thought i have a 90 average and my parents want me to be a doctor or some other bullsh*t job, but i believe what you put hear speaks truer than any thing so history book can tell us, we must do what we can and so i am saluting you! BRAVO! BRAVO! and moon light... shut up this is wonderful sometimes the best poems are the simplest

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Cailyn Dawson 09 February 2019

What is this poem Tribute To Courage By James Elston really, truely about

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sixnine KRISHNA ka baap 15 November 2018

ghatia pagal gadha ye kya bakwas hai dimag mat kharab karo

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Promila 22 December 2021

Apko pata nahi hai ki ek poem likhne me kitna time lagta hai aur ye poem bakwas nahi best hai

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Mahtab Bangalee 12 July 2018

O courage, courage and courage a pure age, a cure age, curable age in tour base on the bold mind as sage sage of better doing phase for self and for all in every trace ...........

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Anil Kumar Panda 12 August 2015

Very true.Thanks for sharing.

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Bernard Snyder 11 August 2015

Well written piece here. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world, which also takes a lot of courage. Well done and congrats!

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