Wolves Running Free Poem by Terence Craddock

Wolves Running Free

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too often in fairy tales novels films
wolves are depicted as character dark villains
wolves get a bad vicious rap in folklore

Viking respected wolves for their strength
their intelligence cunning determination
to survive fight guard their pack leaders

Viking feared wolves lurking on shadow edges
wolves night terror silent invisible most lethal
strongest when humans are at their ebb weakest

wolves running free are beautiful wild animals
wolves need a lot of wilderness to hunt run in
preserving wilderness areas is good for animals

preserving wilderness areas is good for humans
preserving wilderness areas is good for the entire planet;
contrast leopards not wolves are problem in parts

of India where suburbs
have been built where leopards
roam a good place to build high walls

use a bit of high tech surveillance
to protect people especially small children
when wild animals look for easy meals

we can be their easiest pray
if we do not plan build with wisdom
humanity loses when wild habitats

wild places wild animals are lost
trees forests jungles are earth lungs
we need to preserve urgent protect

ecosystems native flora fauna funga
beautifully balanced beautiful design
beautiful gentles beating heart minds

humanity will learn again to honour sacred
nature life preserve protect all life or humanity
will choke on poisonous pollutants man made

become just another species extinct in fossil record

Terence George Craddock (Afterglows Echoes Of Starlight)
Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Inspired by my reply to a comment made by the poet Valsa George, on my poem 'Lone Wolves Running Solitary', by the poet Terence George Craddock. Dedicated to the poet Valsa George. Complete version of the split images 'Wolves Get A Bad Vicious Rap In Folklore' and 'Leopards And Wolves: Habitat Crossover Protection', by the poet Terence George Craddock. Written November 2016 & May 2023 on the 9.11.2016&27.5.2023.
M. Asim Nehal 27 May 2023

Yes you are right they are shown in bad light. They are intelligent animal and enjoy their prey.

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