Josh Burnett

Rookie (Feburary 12 1987 / Germany)

Woman - Poem by Josh Burnett

I can’t extract the feelings out of my heart and show you how I feel,
But if you were to ask me to do just that,
Then I would take out my whole heart and hand it over to you.
I can’t tell you what I think of you because words won’t express.
And I think the things that you put me through are a test.
Just for you I’ll go through the fire just to show you I’ll pass with an A.

I like the sweet smell of that dark swaying hair that blows in the wind.
I guess my mind is just as confused when I smell that attracting perfume.
And that look in your eyes is just as worse when you look in my direction.
I try not to let it show just how attracted I am, but I can’t help but to let it out.
It’s not that I’m scared of what you might say, I know you’ll use it to your advantage.

And that’s exactly what I like about you, break me in, and call my name.
I would come running because you’re the deepest desire.
Your eyes are painted with such a deepening dark fire.
That when I take one look into your soul I can see all the wild.

There’s nothing I can say when you are there I’m completely speechless.
And my heart beats faster and I become a flying disaster.

I’ll be a flying missile just to try and find you in this world.
I’ll be that one person who will fight every other just to stand by you girl.

I can feel the love inside of my heart tearing me up with tears dropping.
And the tears that dropp to the ground is not because of all the pain.
It’s all because even though you are not with me you are picking up the pieces.

I’m writing this for you but my words that I speak could never do you justice.
At least that’s how I suspend the words in the air when I see you in my eyes.
For you I would give everything away and let what I think dance on the sunset.

Just so you can see what my love could hold I would climb a mountain and shout.
I would shout until my lungs gave out and there is no breath within my body.
I will give up my entire being just to give you everything you’re needing.

I can see that small twinkle in your eyes and it’s better than any diamond.
When you hold me, girl I know that I have found the fountain of youth.
All the love within you is like the lost Pandora box.
And when we kiss it feels like all time just stops.

Girl it’s like when I’m touching you I’m swimming in the deepest of seas.
Girl if you don’t get enough out of this world I’ll give up my life.
Just to see you be able to fly up to the limits of the sky and walk on the clouds.
We can hold each other in the dead of night and my whole world would spin.
Baby don’t you dare ever let this feeling fade, don’t you never give up and quit.

Every time I see you everywhere I always seem to be surprised.
I will be the one you can lean on and stop you from shedding those tears.
I will always be there, you have given me so much, you’ve given me so much love.

I feel like that I am finally starting to enjoy life for the first time.

When I see your face I know that god spent that extra few hours,
And sculpted you with his bare hands, and I know that I will never understand,
This deep emotional state of love, but I know that it’s such a blessing to take a swim.

I love the smell of your hair, the smell in the air.
Your love is so intoxicating that I know it keeps me from breathing.
And if I would take a deep breath in and lost you I would never take another breath,
And I would let you breathe for me. Girl you are my oxygen,
My heart pumping the blood throughout my body.
You are the sensation of the smell of rose petals.
You are the smell in the air after a hard rain.
I never felt so good and never want to go back to the pain.

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