Women Are Already Involved In The War Poem by Gert Strydom

Women Are Already Involved In The War

There are women that insist to be involved in the struggle,
that man howitzers, do nurse and are snipers,
some fight on the frontline,
where a person cannot miss their impact:
Evgenia Emerald is in the undergrowth somewhat hidden,
the spotter-scout has a camera that can see better than a pair of binoculars,
above them is the almost insect buzz and howling
of a Russian drone that serves to reconnoitre,
if it notices her just a moment remains before thundering artillery,
the scout points to the mobile phone's screen,
there is a Russian general that they do not expect,
the wind, the moist in the air and their elevation must come into consideration.
With a accurate scope that she adjusts
three lives are counted off in seconds,

this catches the Russians totally off-guard,
that Putin starts to call women up in invaded arias,
where the men are already gone, women become important,
where few know that this call-up is already happening,
Prigozhin is so much impressed by this
that he wants female prisoners as mercenaries,
where he is putting pressure on the Russian prison authorities,
where they are opposed to this and say no,
but that Prigozhin do constantly get his own way
as far as it comes to the Russians as Putin do regard him,
is a fact and also that this criminal do not stay out of politics,
which leaves a person dumbstruck about the attitude of the Russians,
where he will use female prisoners as canon-fodder:
but states that he settles their discharge for nursing.
© Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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