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Papa says, ‘My son will be doctor’.
But Mom is in favour of engineer.
Uncle expects me to be sport star.
Again Aunt’s desire is singer.

O’ my Dear!
I am no more human.

I besought handful water

Morning assembly and prayer
Then begin classes
In half concrete rough rooms.
On six seated benches

A selfless seed
Sprightly Sprouted up
Splitting winter soil,
To kiss the shiny sun

In full moon sky
Under black veil
Round silver face
When winks at her beau, Ocean.

When I open
The window of heart
In the palace of my life,
Blow jasmine aroma from her bun

A series of evolution
I have been through
Since my inception.
Moreover, red revolution

One day!
Kismet will kiss you,
Hope will hug you.
Hunger, thirst, pain

Pen and paper
Between these two
Both of them………

Hello! Blossoming flowers
of coming morn!
Shine yourselves
with rising Sun.

When my face turns pale
Blood comes out as sweat from cell,
She extends a heavenly hand
To ‘Autumn Azure’ over sea sand,

Wish I to paint your rosy lips,
Raven tress, also silvery face.
But all the tints fail to match such glimpse.
Nor my fingers can shape the grace.

Many a drops of rain
Add to form a fountain,
Flowing ahead to prove
That none can stop its move.


To listen
Are needed two ears
Need also mind.
But the ones without ears!

Somebody knocks gently
At the door of my hushed heart.
‘Who is there? ’ I ask,
But get no reply in return.

I beg you, Mom!
A piece of sandwich,
Baked in your kitchen oven
Not in some food factory.

At one dawn,
If you miss to smell
Aroma of fresh bloomed lilacs,
Then wait for next day!

Clasping the fingers of time
May this earth
Amble down to somewhere…..

A bud flourishes to flower.
Perhaps, to fill a little joy
Momentary yet pure peace
In tiny heart of human.


May every morn be spring morn!
Coos the cuckoo at every dawn.
Yon, smell of young mango buds,
Blowing from green woods.

Suman Kumar Das Biography

This is Mr. Suman Kumar Das from Odisha, presently residing in Kolkata, India. From the very childhood, a deep passion towards the world of poetry, has made me put a few words of my imagination & experience in white paper. Sometimes my pen paints the contemporary picture of the society & other times love and romance. My endeavuor is always to create something new which will touch the heart of the respected reader. I am grateful to all our great poets & the team of for providing such wonderful e-platform where I can share my unspoken feelings with the universe. I also take this opportunity to announce that a new group (Poet & Poetry) has been found on in view of motivating the new bloods of globalization to show their creativity in the world of poetry. I am very glad to invite all poets and poetry lovers to join & share their poetry in any language through the below link. https: // Hope to receive the reader’s cordial viewpoints; Comments as well as Compliments. Please feel free to catch me at: Mob-9830962871 (India) e-mail:

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As I Wish!

Papa says, ‘My son will be doctor’.
But Mom is in favour of engineer.
Uncle expects me to be sport star.
Again Aunt’s desire is singer.

All give me toffee. A hope I see,
On their eyes while feeding my tummy.
But wish I to fly with bird.
And to run with hart’s herd!

Miss teaches science, Sir maths,
School is to make me learn all the arts.
Can ye teach me to build mountain,
Or how to dig fountain!

Is there anyone to ask me?
What I want to be!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 04 October 2021

CONGRATULATIONS being chosen as The Poet Of The Day. Hoorray! Most deserving poet from Odisha born and residing now in Kerala.

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Mike Barrett 08 December 2013

Suman, I've reviewed all 13 of your poems. No doubt you have a gift.....I find the imagery in each quite impressive, but I feel that you might want to polish the grammar and punctuation a bit more so the reader is concentrating 100% on the intended message you wish to convey.

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Suman Kumar Das Popularity

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