Workplace Version Of "Trick Or Treat" Poem by Perdita Young (Hanna Wang)

Workplace Version Of "Trick Or Treat"

Trick or treat, sweat or sweet?
Think thrice ere you compete.
Each seat is labeled with a price,
And you've to pay duly for your slice.

We are waiting in the dark shade,
And no one would come to your aid.
Ghosts, goblins and witches too
Are eager for food, to brew and stew.

Toads and spiders alive in the kettle,
Ready to be put on any pretty petal.
Poison is also ready, ——in another pot,
At any time you'll be tongue-tied silent.

If you don't, we won't care:
But in this life you will get nowhere.
So polish the apple and lick the boot,
Or you get mere grass instead of fruit.

Oct.31,2009, just before Halloween.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: fear
Bri Edwards 15 April 2018

ok, i checked out the ere; it's 'good', though archaic. Archaic is good sometimes, especially in poetry! :) stanza 1: i'm liking the rhyming and alliterations. stanza 2: yes, i guess there IS light shade and dark shade. i'm wondering what sort of workplace is being portrayed. a haunted house? ? [i only used to get the triple-alliteration! honest! ! ] (to continue) ...

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Perdita Young 17 April 2018

Thank you so much for your time, Bri. This is a kind of complaint i wrote nine years ago about the injusticeI had observed/experienced in my college concerning evaluation and employment of academic titles...No longer bothering me now.

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Bri Edwards 15 April 2018

(continued) ... you make the workplace SOUND scary. yes, it can be; i was never really scared, BUT sometimes I WAS apprehensive when entering into a new job, needing skills and knowledge new-to-me. but, given a good atmosphere and enough time to learn/'adjust', i think most jobs are doable if the employee has the aptitude for the work. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 15 April 2018

(continued) ... if you have a response [you want me to see] to any comments i leave on a poem, please send as a message, or i probably won't see it; i rarely return and if i do it is not to look for responses. (to continue) ..

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Bri Edwards 15 April 2018

(continued) ... i am having difficulty accepting the wording of the last five lines, especially the first,2nd, and 3rd. i have suggestions, but i think you may get some good ideas if you read it again. i believe i understand what you mean to convey, but........... good luck. (continued) ...

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Bri Edwards 15 April 2018

(continued) : more re stanza 3: At any time you'll be tongue-tied silent....i'm thinking choking OR dead. hmm? i sometimes like to be completely spoon-fed in a poem (so i completely understand the meaning) , but here it is nice to be able to speculate a bit about what the above line means. (to continue) ...

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Bri Edwards 15 April 2018

(continued) ...stanza 3: i'm guessing that the kettle is dry; perhaps toads and spiders each will catch a fly! [i recently read, online, about when one 'should' use will and shall. hmm. THE 'rules' seem too restrictive; nobody is paying attention anyway. oh! i see fear is the given topic. fear can be 'good'. [and PH is rather restrictive about what topics are acceptable; there were no rules several years ago! [but PH is FREE! ] (to continue) ...

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