Perdita Young (Hanna Wang) Poems

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April's Fooling Snow

April brings the snow,
Makes many hearts glow.
What a fuss folks make,
Like gales in circles blow.

Talk With A Newly-Released

Once I chatted with an elderly man
just released from jail, who had no choice but
bottom-level jobs. I tried consoling
him that it was, after all, better than

Lost (Haiku)

A tipsy butterfly
lost its way
in a flowerless bush

The Double Seventh Day

Two stars appear in the dim sky,
When lovers gaze, admire in delight:
The time is short, dearer than gold-
One yearly parting, bestowed one night.

If Love Be A Plant

If love be a plant, what would it need
To well grow and bloom? That's a mystery
Lingering on and on in every person's mind,
Ever since the beginning of human history.


In the grip of coughing,
totally I lost freedom.

Water, one cup after another,

Children's Day

Some decades ago,
Mom had us near, and said so:
Five cents to each, of you two,
You buy tickets for the zoo.

Weeping Willows

Tender leaves of green,
Dewy to the eye,
Farewell to a Darling,
Always sad, oh sigh!

The Withered Lotus

Deep are the autumn tints a-growing,
fallen leaves drift like butterflies;
colored flowers already are in sleep,
all is silence, absolutely quiet.

A Heart Born For The Fool's Paradise

I seem to possess, alas, a fool's heart,
Simple and naïve, not alert to dart.
Fantasy and illusion its welcome food,
Relieving the hunger of a retarded mind.

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