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April brings the snow,
Makes many hearts glow.
What a fuss folks make,
Like gales in circles blow.

Once I chatted with an elderly man
just released from jail, who had no choice but
bottom-level jobs. I tried consoling
him that it was, after all, better than

A tipsy butterfly
lost its way
in a flowerless bush

Two stars appear in the dim sky,
When lovers gaze, admire in delight:
The time is short, dearer than gold-
One yearly parting, bestowed one night.

If love be a plant, what would it need
To well grow and bloom? That's a mystery
Lingering on and on in every person's mind,
Ever since the beginning of human history.

In the grip of coughing,
totally I lost freedom.

Water, one cup after another,

Some decades ago,
Mom had us near, and said so:
Five cents to each, of you two,
You buy tickets for the zoo.

Tender leaves of green,
Dewy to the eye,
Farewell to a Darling,
Always sad, oh sigh!

Deep are the autumn tints a-growing,
fallen leaves drift like butterflies;
colored flowers already are in sleep,
all is silence, absolutely quiet.

I seem to possess, alas, a fool's heart,
Simple and naïve, not alert to dart.
Fantasy and illusion its welcome food,
Relieving the hunger of a retarded mind.

A Parody, to the tune of Chin Yuan Chun

Lo, the Beijing scene:
A hundred leagues in blurring haze,

By the window I lie
Listening to the sound of autumn;
The cicadas shrill noisily,
And dense is their woe.

Back from dream, still in trance
Fire fights blazing in back streets
Making heart's fierce beats

How many days have I known you? I can't tell.
I do wish I could well count, those days of joy
When we shared much, forgot things that annoy,
The envy of many, and bliss seemed to swell...

Trick or treat, sweat or sweet?
Think thrice ere you compete.
Each seat is labeled with a price,
And you've to pay duly for your slice.

You have loved me
The way I was,
But actually
I've never been

Such a surprise to hear
There are songs to prepare
For a thief that comes in,
Ere he has chance to win.

see scenery of seasons
savor poetry and painting

On one spring day of the Partridge Sky
I saw a Pair of Sparrows flying high.
Gentle breeze spread the Willow Branch Song
So sweet and tender, as is any Southern Song.

Happy sweet hours, to try my hands
At the veg, at the dough, as I might;
Now freed at last from tangled bands,
Like a cage bird, longing for new sight.

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April's Fooling Snow

April brings the snow,
Makes many hearts glow.
What a fuss folks make,
Like gales in circles blow.

The Gluttons are to eat "Hot Pot"s,
The vain are to flaunt wealth in minks.
The smug will take selfies("Moments"to share) ,
The sentimental will write lines(bubbles to air):

The single hope to find one to walk with,
The romantic hope to become snow-smith;
Busy bodies will go for snowball fight,
The Lovey-dovey will walk their hair white!

The snowfall is surely good, as always,
But city people here, they easily craze.

Copyright@ April 6th,2018.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 14 September 2018

Perdita Young - Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul Positive perspective she reflects, Elaboration she does with vision, Respected poetess of modern age, Decision making quality is very high, Intelligent poetess she is of curse, Teaching values of humanity she wins, Astounding personality she is truly. (part-1)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 14 September 2018

Yielding many poems she motivates, Outstanding poems she presents for all, Universality is achieved by perseverance, Noble and notable legendary lady she is, Gratitude she has within generous mind. (part-2) © Kumarmani Mahakul,14 September 2018. All rights reserved.

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Perdita Young (Hanna Wang) Popularity

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