Worship The God Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Worship The God

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Worship the God
And reduce the load
There is no space
For any special cast or race

He is benevolent
Always present
In acts of emission
Or omission

Regret not your action
But pray for correction
If any required in future
Be worry free and make sure

'Think and smile' with all his actions
They are not for special sections
Poor and rich are alike
This idea should never strike

No need to think or express
With pity or happiness
He is everywhere with watchful eye
We should always to purify

'He has given us the mouth and teeth' the legend says
So the food too may be provided with
Involve with noble work
Wait and watch with simple words

Thursday, July 3, 2014
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Worship the God And reduce the load

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needs revision lazy lines3 minutes ago confused by some of it... could be a me thing Comment 1 Comment+1 Hasmukh MehtaLess than a minute ago worship god... that is the theme

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it's very good ashley siders4 minutes ago I really like the 'regret not your action and pray for correction' part. that's really good. Comment +1

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... SaltShackles.com.6 minutes ago Good work... thanks... Comment +1

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very good Isabella MacIsaac6 minutes ago Well done :)

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Scott Ransopher Another good poem Hasmukh! 10 hrs · Unlike · 1

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Hasmukh Mehta welcome rohani daud Just now · Unlike · 1

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If God given us mouth and teeth to speak the truth, how will you know if the person is lying to? 12 hours ago by Aira Betita to Worship the God

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a fine maxim is to realize that all stand with equal opportunity before God, whatever one's race or station in life... as it states: 'God made out of one man every nation of men to live on the entire surface of the earth...' (Acts 17: 26) 12 hours ago by robyn selters to Worship the God

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Very Good Linda Gray3 minutes ago You writer's voice showed a lot of expression and was very descriptive.

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