Worthless Poem by xx charmer xx


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I’m in over my head
Better off dead
You tell me I’m worthless
Your worthless daughter

I’m falling further away
It gets worse each day
The yelling; the fighting
Your worthless daughter

I cause you to cry
Your husband to yell
So much hate in this house
Your worthless daughter

You know my greatest fear
Of being sent away
To leave what I call home
Your worthless daughter

If I’m so worthless to you
Then why do you keep me
Why do I stay?
Your worthless daughter

I feel so hurt
To know I mean nothing
That you don’t care
Your worthless daughter

So I was born lung issues
That apparently doesn’t stop you
I really am worthless…
Your worthless daughter

Spoiled brat; stupid child
You’re helpless; you’re worthless
Just a bit** with an attitude
Your worthless daughter

I’ve thought so many times
How much I’ve hurt you
Causing so much pain
Your worthless daughter

But you don’t know
How much it hurts to hear
What you say to me; what you call me
Your worthless daughter

Why you can’t accept me for who I am?
I don’t know
All I know is that I’m nothing
Your worthless daughter

You feed me pills
To change me and who I am
Make me who YOU want me to be
Your worthless daughter

It’s good to know I’m worthless
Cause that’s all you say
You’re never happy about me
Your worthless daughter

Bad grades
I’m never a help to you
When was the last time you said something nice?
Your worthless daughter

Maybe I should say goodbye to this hell
Make you and your husband happy
But not to another home; someplace else
Your worthless daughter

A place you will never know
Someplace where I can find myself
Who I am inside
Your worthless daughter

But I choose to stay
To see if I will ever be more
Than just a burden
Your worthless daughter

I love you mom
And I know you love me too
But I’m hurting inside to know that all I am is
Your worthless daughter

Please don’t give up on me
I’m trying as hard as I can
To be someone; to not be
Your worthless daughter

I’m sorry for causing
I’m sorry for hurting
I’m sorry for being...
Your worthless daughter

Linda Graham 20 December 2007

(((((Camryn))))))) My heart goes out to you sweetness. You carry so much pain. You are ''NOT'' a worthless daughter. You are a brave and courageous young woman. You Mom just doesn't know how to be the mother that you need her to be. She lashes out at you based on her own insecurities and failures as a woman. I certainly an not justifying her behaviour but she is a hurting woman as well and just does not have the skills to be a better mom. This does not mean that she does not love you. Have you thought about having her read your poem? It is worth taking the risk. You dont know unless you try. Does she really know how you feel? I know that is difficult since you do not trust her as a mom. If you choose to do this, at least you have done your part. I had the same kind of relationship with my mother growing up. I just couldn't do anything right. Perfectionism was so demanding. Today my mother respects me since I started standing up to her. That started when I moved out of the house. I would not accept her trying to control me through guilt. I didn't attack her verbally but started communicating to her in ''I'' terms. For example, I would say: '''When you say this to me (whatever that may be that is hurtful) I feel hurt. The most important thing for you right now is to keep reaching out. Reach out to someone you can trust. There are some amazing counsellors out there who just listen and help build self esteem and confidence. Sometimes we need to find a mom figure in someone else who accepts us for who we are, unconditionally. TAre you in school? If so what about a guidance counsellor. That's what they are there for. There is an awesome MSN group called HUGS (Hope United Gives Strength) . It is a very wam and accepting group. One can post on different boards (ie) General, Fears and Depression, Anger, Sharing our Past, Spiritual, Fun etc. The women are all ages from teens to grandmothers. People read your post and respond to it. It is worth looking in to. I know it's hard feeling like you are all alone. You are not alone. There are others who deeply care for you and accept you for who you are. Sending you safe and warm snuggly hugs. Linda

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Laura Bigelow 07 January 2008

WOW! Talk about a bunch of emotions rolled up into one poem. I wasn't expecting what i read. It made me cry. I was in my college computer room, and i felt embarassed as my tears started to roll as i kept reading. I am sorry that you have these feelings, asn my heart goes out to you. NO ONE deserves to feel like that! My email is Angeluv1106@yahoo.com if you want to email me and we can talk!

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Rachel Wobbema 24 January 2008

this poem is so emotional and sad. I could feel the tears start to come.

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Janetta Mcelmurry 27 March 2008

very sad poem but nice writing

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Kiesha Williams 07 February 2008


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Sankar Sehanabis 09 June 2014

Very sad feelings had been expressed in this poem. Nicely narrated everything that hurts a daughter. But a daughter is like a gem to her parent. It's the expectation of the parents that sometime hurts a daughter or a son. But on attaining majority the child realizes what they expected and what he/she has done. No daughter is worthless, but the expectation makes the child to believe her as worthless.

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Federico del Corazón 28 December 2011

I couldn’t imagine this hurt but you do have a loving heavenly father and if you want to see and learn about unconditional love then I suggest you should learn about your heavenly father. Another thing is understanding free will and what you do with yours. I invite you to read my poem “Daughter” and just know you are perfect and always wanted. Best Wishes

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M P 16 September 2009

I totally get your poem, I feel the same way still and I at the age of 41. You just have to know it is not you even though at times I still battle it because all my friends have moms that love them. My mom is normal no one would think she treats me like this the good christian church going hypocrite. They are the adults the know better they are selfish people and you are better than that you are in this world for a reason. I wish I could walk away from her and never look back but as long as my dad is alive I have to see her. Her mom was more evil than her! I send you a BIG hug.

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Brittany Wright 05 May 2008

ur not worthless nobody is except bad ppl and from what it sounds like ur not ur only worthless if thats what u let urself become dont keep thinking that ur worthless prove to the world ur not not to show ur mom or her husband but to show ur self that ur more than what u thought u were good luck and nice poem it really moved me =)

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Deeann Henderson 06 April 2008

wow this poem is so sad as I was reading this it made me cry I have a daughter that feels the same way I have always tried real hard with here but for some strange reason we cant get on the same page I love here so much and know matter what I do she still thinks aim a bad mom sometimes people say things that they don't mean I have said things to my daughter she has said thing to me I feel so sad when i say things and i would hope she would be to but that does not mean i dont love her because she is what makes me breath each day anyway your poem was word for word what my daughter thinks and that breaks my heart each day this poem broke my heart I hope this is just a poem and not how you feel if it is I am so sorry to feel your pain a mom to a daughter

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