Writer’s Block* Poem by _____________________________________ -

Writer’s Block*

Rating: 3.0

Shall I say that silence has outnumbered
has overwhelmed by million hectares
all other possibilities birthed in spring
Nike’s swoosh muffled, dervishes whirl quiet
twittering, warbling birds struck by amnesia
a miasma of thousand year, a journey of million mile
sets betwixt word and fruition

* dedicated to my friend who speaks but in silence alone

Shahzia Batool 05 December 2012

Regrets for missing the group of the period from 2008 - 2010... i wish i could say something on the work! ! !

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Francesca Martin 05 August 2010

Can I just say, you have completely captured the last year and a half, or so, of my life. Dead on. I can't decide if I brought writer's block upon myself, allowed it, or it just consumed me in a giant bear hug of fog. However, whatever the source, this is great! Gave you a ten, my friend, only because the rating numbers do not go higher.

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Christine Austin Cole 01 November 2009

... a thousand years, a million miles - and at least a billion soundless thoughts. It's a processing, I suppose. A wondering or wandering, a journey no doubt - but to an as yet undisclosed destination. Some brave part of me recognizes it as a self-constructed mental roadblock between the here and 'there'. And still, I'm more inclined to continue building than to knock the thing down. And so... I say little here of what I wanted to, and wallow on in silence and appreciation. Thank you, friend. Christine

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 30 October 2009

Boy, can i relate to this pen-gem, my friend...as well as the reclusive eccentric i be whn i am not on stage at work! Great Write, __________________________! F j R

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