Writing Sad Things For Sweet Men Poem by Lauren Michaels

Writing Sad Things For Sweet Men

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I'd think it a sign from the gods I think
If I were a little bit less of a cynic.
Tonight something broke in the back of my mind
And in the noise of the shower I cried and

Wailed I suppose.
I think I'm a little bit lost.

I fell to my knees, its cliched but its true.
It felt like hours before I stood up.
Sitting thinking, the water long cold.
Of tomorrow and tomorrow and

Quailed I suppose.
I think I'm a little bit lost.

And treatise after treatise came filtering by
balancing all in mind and in time
I wondered where my buoyancy was
But that ships long

Sailed I suppose
I think I'm a little bit lost.

Funny you should mention Bright eyes
Funny that tonight I begged for help
From my condensation white tile ceiling.
And sat down to find a poem waiting.

I once promised a gentleman I'd write him a poem
But he beat me to it twice over
(several times over if truth be known, I don't think he knows
What he Gives)

Greenwolfe 1962 27 February 2008

I don't know what prompted you to write this. But I have never read such a sincere piece by a woman on this subject. In fact, there are very few pieces on this subject. Truth be told, this is usually not even a subject at all. I can only offer my praise and for what it's worth, my sympathy, if it is even close to being true. GW62

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Ian Curtis 27 November 2006

Original and unique. Very well written. All the best Ian

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