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Wrong Time

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In life death is true
But before death of my life
I have seen truth to die
May be life is true to you
But there is no truth in my life
Since the time my birth becomes a lie
May be the time was wrong when I was born
Or the errors I have seen in my life
Took birth in a wrong time
Whatever may be

But the truth in my life is that I am dying
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Tribhawan Kaul 20 August 2013

During this journey of life we meet number of people. Some good, some bad and some mediocre. We must learn to go along with all that is the generosity of life......dreams are sweet er for each one of us and no one is wrong......very expressive poem. Enjoyed reading.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 19 August 2013

Death is truth for all. Life must be lived whatever the feeling may be. Let life be of some use. Your words are powerful. Your poem is full of power. Thank you.

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Heather Wilkins 18 August 2013

someday we will all say goodbye. we are only here for a season. let's try to make the best of it

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 18 August 2013

Every thing is well planned...we are here on lease nice to read

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Sallam Yassin 18 August 2013

every wrong is a parent for the right in every lie there is a part of true in fact in one saying yes for one thing it is no for one other thing in a hate may u find the love so we should keep all the arsenal for the game life/thanks and keep up bro

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