Yes, My Lady Know'st Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Yes, My Lady Know'st

Thou know'st, dost thou?
The thou's of thine, suffused in mine.
Desire of knowing this well acquainted confab,
Which was spell out by thou anon,
Just after my confrontation.
As sunflowers dost sweetened their smiles,
whilst facing the lightened sun.
We two were glorifying one another, by its powerful enchantment in each other's radiance.
Know'st thou were in my victory, and vain.
Lost was I, admiring the whol'st thou, as my main.
Since the commencement of my golden days, methinks of thou wholeheartedly.
Conversing through eyes, was our manner, lady.
Twinkling eyes, and charismatic smiles exchanged, as divine as purple hews of wreaths, a promise to be kept to rise, and fall jointly - a constellation of the universe.
Enchanted was I, to perceive thou as mine, without drawing their single scrutiny on us.
Grateful was I, when thou justified thine part.
Despite, gulping thine words, were heavy by heart to bear.
Hurtful eyes, afflicted immortal pain in mine chest.
Moreover, contemplating of mine worth in thine eyes, willing to know'st the divine truth, was my utmost captivate.
Which was explored anon.
thine words play hide and seek in mine intellect smoothly.
Was it thou? Or was it I?
Or was it our eyes?
Thou know'st,
If my fate sentenced exilment,
Where to live, and die in thine eyes for the rest,
I would have happily bowed, and accepted- the defeat, without a haste.
There's no such safest place than thine eyes, lady.
For which I rise in all mine wars, searching for a shelter,
And some peace.
Where I design to live for a thousand years, and more.
Where I would be solely thine forever, and more.

Yes, My Lady Know'st
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