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You Can Get Lost In Those Eyes980

Rating: 3.3

you can get lost in this love,
its a maze that makes you
fall, filled with hope, filled
with love, yes you can get
lost in this love, you can get
lost in her eyes, there a
beacon, that full of light,
shes a woman, shes a
saint, you can get lost
in all this peace.

Ershad Mazumder 07 July 2008

For me it is superb. Read me and say it is rubbish.

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Patricia Gale 04 October 2006

I know these eyes, I think we have all seen the soul through someones eyes. Great write!

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Ruby Root 17 August 2006

This is beautiful David but I am very scared now. I would love to be in love yet I am terrified at the same time. To much happened in my life. Oh well. It is an excellent poem David.

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Duncan Wyllie 10 February 2006

You can get found in poetry like this David.Brilliant! Love Duncan

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Raynette Eitel 27 June 2005

Very nice, David. Raynette

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